Greener and greater – the smell of Christmas

Ella Cooper

Ella Cooper

It’s Christmas morning. You wake up bright and early to open your presents with your family. You head down stairs and you breathe in that sweet, Christmas air. The smell of the pine lingers throughout the house. This is the smell of Christmas.

Now, imagine waking up and not having that sweet Christmas smell from your authentic Christmas tree. How do you even have Christmas with a fake tree? This debate has been going on for years now.

What’s better: a real Christmas tree, or a fake one? I am here to tell you the obvious answer, and that is the real tree. 

The origins of the Christmas tree date back to the 15th and 16th century in rural England. In the winter, holly and ivy were the main plants of the season, hence the Christmas carol, Holly and Ivy.

The people would decorate their houses with greenery for the season, and then BAM! The use of a Christmas tree was born. It just feels wrong to have a fake, plastic tree after hearing that story.

There are many benefits to having a real tree that some people choose to ignore. Some might say that a real tree is too messy, and their pets get into it.

Well I think the mess is worth it because the true spirit of Christmas is in the tree. The glorious smell is too amazing to give up. It is something to look forward to when December comes around.

Others might argue that they don’t want to go out and buy a tree or they don’t want to cut down a tree because it is bad for the environment.

Why not make a family tradition out of it? Now you don’t have to go out in the middle of nowhere, like the Griswolds did to get your tree.

There are plenty of local places to go. There are even multiple right here in Winchester! It makes for a perfect, Christmas-themed day. 

And to address the environment issue, it is actually okay to cut down a tree. Christmas trees are like crops on a farm.

You won’t be doing bad for the environment. Instead, you will be stimulating a local business.

There is no other smell that beats the smell of an authentic Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

The joy of the holidays is in the sights and smells. When I am down in December, the smell of the tree brings back memories of family and good times.

Why people give that up, I do not know.