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The student news site of George Rogers Clark High School

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The student news site of George Rogers Clark High School

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    Class of 2024: Last Will & Testament


    Some members of the GRC Graduated Class of 2024 present their Last Will and Testament in which they leave behind to underclass students special mementos, memories, and traditions.

    I, Chloe Galloway, will to Belle Galloway (10) the roll of head choreographer.

    I, Zach Ross, will to Carter Johnston (9) the role of being Cohort’s resident sassy pants. I will to Sylvie Coogle (9) all my spotify playlists. I will to Mallory Jones (11) my Starbucks reward points.

    I, JP Gaines, will to Kamden McAlpin (11) the ability to continue the goofy no matter where you are.

    I, Brooklyn Christopher, will to Erin Southwood (10) the responsibility of driving everyone to practice and being the funniest person on the team.

    I, Emmie Rose, will to Ryan Houchens (9) my amazing, reverse parking skills. Make sure sure you only play throwbacks or Chris Stapleton in the Rav next year to remember me.

    I, Hudsen Bishop, will to Hayes Bishop (10) the ability to hold your head up high and not do anything I wouldn’t do.

    I, Bailey Conlee, will to Layla Snell (11) and Olivia Warner (11) the ability to remember the fun times in Ag we had together. All the laughs and jokes we thought were funny but probably weren’t. I will always remember our friendships we have with each other and how much you both mean to me. I will to you both 405 and the screen printing shirts job. We all definitely had a blast doing that and working in 405 so I thought I would pass down the tradition. Thank you guys for making my senior year full of laughter.

    I, Allie Randall, will to Anna Barnes (11) the ability to be late every day because of “the traffic.”

    I, Kayla Dixon, will to Nadia Towes (10)  my old bus seat.

    I, Destiny Bartley, thank Kelsi Minton (11) for always including me in everything and being like a sister to me.

    I, Hayden Heath, will to Houston Heath (9) my athletic ability.

    I, Silas Coogle, will to Sylvie Coogle (9) driving in complete and utter silence.

    I, Maddie Goeing, will to Anabelle Lucas (11) my right to never be at school. I will to Grayce Compton (10) all the tardies and absences.

    I, Lily Roberts, will to Aubrie King (10) the tradition of being tardy by one minute every day, especially with a Starbucks refresher in hand. I’ll miss you chica!

    I, Kamryn Toler, will to Shelby Toler (9) the parking spot 519; may she always remember our morning drives.

    I, Joey Hill, will to Jackson Rogers (10) my skills in track and being sprints captain.

    I, Jackson Reece, will to Ryland Dixon (10) my extreme amounts of motion. I hope you can ride the wave, young man.

    I, Gabriella Lopez , will to Emily Lopez (10) my fashion sense and wisdom.

    I, Joby Mitmesser, will to Caleb Bush (11) my stacked lunchbox and enormous appetite. Make sure to share you desserts.

    I, Lily Franklin, will to Cady Johnson (11) my love for Jason Neely. I hope you become his new favorite employee after I leave.

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