Ho Ho Ho! Your real Christmas tree’s got to go

Ellie Mitmesser

As the Christmas holiday is approaching and your families are preparing, I want to save your time and effort by setting the record straight…artificial Christmas trees are the way to go.

The tree is the most important part when decorating for the special occasion because it’s what sets the room; people first see it when they walk in and it grabs their attention. 

Real Christmas tree picking is an awesome way to have fun with your family; however, the trees should stay outside where they belong.

You might think that they are better in the house, but I would have to disagree. They are part of the environment and shouldn’t be messed with.

Plenty of memories can be made by decorating an artificial tree while watching a classic Christmas movie inside. 

Most people are obsessed with the unique smell that real trees have, as am I.

To get the pine smell around the living room on Christmas morning, while still having a fake tree is very possible with candles and scented greenery. Both are an easy way to get the pine fragrance.  

This holiday season is very chaotic. Trying to find the perfect present and having family stay over are some of the reasons this time of year to be more hectic than usual.

Having a real Christmas tree will just add on. These trees are very needy since they have needles to be picked up and watering every day. This might sound fine, but will soon become a burden.

Also, there could even be safety concerns, such as making sure the trunk stays moist, when a real tree is not taken care of properly.

With fake trees, they are easy to handle, come very clean, and are less of a safety hazard. To make this season less stressful, go out and buy an artificial tree. 

Real trees are expensive, and there is no need to buy them every year.

When having an artificial tree, you save money.

In fact, the money you don’t spend on a real tree, you can put to good use by buying another gift for your loved ones.

While this argument of having a real or fake Christmas tree has caused many uncontrollable discussions in the past, I am hopeful to have directed your attention to the right choice.

I wish you all a very joyful Christmas in the hopes you buy an artificial tree. 



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