This Movie’s Success isn’t ‘Strange’

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Hagan Wells, Video News Editor




Hagan Wells

Video News Editor


Some question if moviegoers will begin feeling fatigued with the superhero movie genre. However, the latest release from Marvel Studios, Doctor Strange, only accelerates the fascination with these types of films.

The stories of the neurosurgeon turned sorcerer aren’t as well-known as his friends’ with iron suits and shields. However, this movie goes beyond what was expected of it.

The idea of the movie is about Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon, who loses the ability to operate and in his search for remedies, he finds new realities in the mystic arts.

He trains in this new knowledge so that he is prepared to defend Earth from various threats across multiple dimensions.

If you think the premise alone is interesting, wait until you hear about the special effects.
Obviously, if a movie is going to tackle something like a “multi-verse,” it should have some spectacular visuals.

And that it does. Doctor Strange’s effects are unlike anything ever seen and take viewers on quite the stunning and breathtaking trip, especially in 3D.

Not only does Strange have a great story and excellent effects, but it has a killer cast as well. Benedict Cumberbatch perfectly translates the Sorcerer Supreme onto the screen.

His witty and smart dialogue paired with his strikingly similar appearance to the character makes him the only choice for the role.

Mads Mikkelson provides a good villain with his performance of Kaecilius, which is a nice development for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, considering their lack of memorable villains with a few exceptions.

Strange’s caring ex-girlfriend, Christine Palmer, is played very well by Rachel McAdams.

Another memorable performance was that of Wong, the deadpan guardian of the mystical library, who provides very funny moments in the story thanks to Benedict Wong’s acting.

Overall, this is one of the best movies to come out this year. Doctor Strange gives audiences action, spectacle, comedy, and a great time.

There weren’t any obvious problems with the movie, so there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t go see it.

There are some fun Easter eggs for fans of the Marvel movies, but the movie doesn’t rely on past films.

If you haven’t checked out Doctor Strange, expand your keyhole, put on your Cloak of Levitation, and float into an extraordinary experience.

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