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Fashion: What should return and what should stay in the past?

Cady Johnson

Fashion is one of the most obvious symbols of a specific time period. When you see baby tee’s you think of the early 2000s, and when you see bright colors and leg warmers you think of the 80s.

Fashion trends eventually die out, but sometimes, years later they make their return! What should come back? And what should stay where we left it?

Tracksuits are making a comeback, and I am one hundred percent okay with that. Paris Hilton is the first person I think about when I see a tracksuit, and she never goes out of style. Tracksuits are easy, comfortable, and fun. Plus, you can add so many accessories with them, jewelry, a fun purse, big sunglasses, etc. They first got popularity in the 80’s, were brought back in the early 2000’s, so it’s time for them to be a permanent wardrobe staple.

Skinny jeans… I really hope those never ever return. They had their moment to shine and to be great. And they were a basic necessity for about 5 years. But, that was a low moment in fashion. I’m a little ashamed I fell victim to the American Eagle, light washed, no holes, skinny jeans. Personally, they make me look like a giraffe with a very wide torso. Mom jeans and bellbottoms have such a cuter vibe and they suit everyone’s shape better. The millennials took skinny jeans too far. Please leave them in 2018, I’m begging.

The 70s are my personal favorite era of fashion. I wish everyone still wore “disco” tops. They are so fun and cute and you could literally wear a disco top with jeans. Pair it with some cute sunglasses and any shoe, and you will have the perfect outfit. Flowers, pastels, and unique shapes, I wish everyone still dressed like they did in the disco days.

Infinity scarfs. I can’t. We should all work together to terminate them forever. 2013 was a scary time, and these scarfs reflect that. I just don’t understand the point. If you really need a scarf, just put on a normal one. I don’t understand why every mother in society at some point needed 40 circular, stretchy scarfs, with random patterns on them. Maybe my mother just traumatized me from wearing them every single day, but I really hope the trend of infinity scarfs remains dead. Gone but never forgotten (unfortunately).

Overalls never truly left, but they are so under appreciated. They make everything so easy, plus I find them very cute. You can dress them up or down, some pairs are loud, and some are very simple. Overalls first appeared in the 50s and they were super popular in the 90’s, but since then they’ve kind of just been lingering. Everyone forgets about them! We need to make them as big as they used to be. Overalls are a genius invention. Real example of work smarter, not harder, while also being fashionable!

In the 60’s “futuristic fashion” had a take off. Futuristic is a very fun theme for a party, or Halloween, or a fashion show, but I hope this never comes back to everyday life. The metallic wasn’t doing anyone a favor. And the alien looking glasses remind me of a Halloween costume. I’m not sure if the people in the 60’s thought this “futuristic fashion” was going to be how people were going to dress in 2023, but thank goodness we don’t.

Fashion by definition is “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.” But, to many people, it’s so much more than that. A sense of identity to an era and also to a person. I hope we can all look back 10 years from now and think our 2023 identities really knew how to dress. But, we all know that won’t happen!


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About the Contributor
Cady Johnson
Cady Johnson, Multimedia Staff
Although there may be photos and first-hand witnesses to tell you the world has been colored for ages, they were all fooled. The whole world was actually black and white until February 26th, 2007, when Cady Johnson was born. Cady would describe herself as bright and outgoing, with a colorful personality. She is also awaiting her award for the biggest Swiftie of all time. Other than listening to Taylor Swift, her other hobby is clogging. She has been a competitive clogger for twelve years and loves performing and being on stage. If she had a theme song it would be New Romantics by Taylor Swift because it is so upbeat and happy, and can put anyone in a good mood.

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    Anabelle LucasDec 12, 2023 at 8:08 am

    Awesome writer!!!!!