Class Election Must Occur Earlier

Savannah Green, Features Editor

Class presidents are extremely important to making necessary changes to our school.

They give a voice to the students about the day to day issues they see the school face and give an outlet for real change to occur.

However, it isn’t reasonable to want change to occur instantly. It takes time to decide what needs to be changed, formulate a plan to change it, and put the plan into action.

GRC elected class presidents in November. This created a three-month gap where no one could make progress towards changing our school.

Elections for class president need to occur the year before the students take office.

Holding elections in the last month of school would allow students to go in and immediately start dissecting the issues that they feel need to be dealt with.

It’s important that we stop wasting time and start getting ready to make the school a better environment for students and staff.

Holding off elections until November puts elected students in a position where it’s difficult to make significant change.

After all, election occurred just before Thanksgiving break. Again, there was another gap given where no change can occur.

Just three weeks later, Christmas break puts in another halt, followed by the likely chance of snow days in the following winter months.

We’re leaving our class presidents in a position where they don’t have the time they need to create change, and there is no point of having class presidents if they can’t voice the issues students need to be heard.