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Hold the “I can’t wait!”

Ava Mardis

I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait.

Why? Why can’t I wait? Live in the moment. We all spend time in the present with our eyes set on the future saying, “I can’t wait,” wishing our time away. Every day is spent living for the next, but why? 

I heard someone say, “Live in the moment because the only thing we have in our lives are moments. Moments in time.” and that stuck. 

As we grow up, living in the moment couldn’t be more important. No day is guaranteed and no life is here to stay forever. Many focus on the good moments to come, looking over the opportunity now. If we live every moment wanting another, will we make every day count? 

Nothing in life is certain except death. So how could you be so certain you will make it to the moment you “can’t wait for”? 

Living for the moment is a hard task to ask of someone, especially during difficult times. But hard moments in life are always going to happen and it’s understandable why someone would wish for another moment to come faster. But if you don’t experience this bad moment, will the one you “can’t wait for” be appreciated as much? 

Not only do these moments escape us when our eyes are looking forward, but also when they’re looking back. Many of us get stuck on things in the past. Good and bad. Constantly thinking of the past and walking backwards in the course of life. Distracting ourselves from what’s going on now.

The past changes with what you do with yourself after and the future starts with how successful you are now. Don’t let longing for the past or future affect your present day. 

Living every day to the fullest needs to be a goal for everyone. So live for today, don’t let yesterday affect the greatness of today and dont let tomorrow affect the mindset of the current day. Don’t let a minute be spent wishing for more or less.

Don’t let your “I can’t wait” moments affect the love and passion that you should have for each day. Live everyday as your last, and live everyday grateful for another day you’ve gotten. 

Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished if you go out tomorrow? 

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About the Contributor
Ava Mardis
Ava Mardis, Multimedia Staff
Some would say the most iconic person ever to live is Elvis, MJ, or Kobe. But the correct answer is Ava Mardis. She is a girl that strives to be the best, lights up a room when it's dark and dull, and dominates on the court and in the classroom. Ava holds herself to a high standard and some would say she has set her standard too high. She is family centered and is very passionate about the things she loves. The people around her would describe her as mysterious, majestic, and marvelous. If you had a conversation with Ava, you would be laughing by the time you were done (or smiling at the least).

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  • J

    Jo MardisMar 8, 2024 at 11:05 am

    Beautiful, Ava! A lovely reminder to all of us to savor our present moments. No matter how small, how insignificant they might seem, they become the special memories that help us make the most of the future.