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What fashion trends will we see at Soirée Saturday?


The junior and senior class soirée is a school-sponsored dance that GRC hosts at Winchester’s very own Opera House once at the beginning of every year. Each year we see different trends that have seeped into our own small town: sequins, strapless, a-line, flowy, and anything else that can be made into a trend.

As fashion continues to change all the time, so do the types of dresses, suits, heels, and more we see at school dances change with them. So what will we most likely see at this year’s GRC hosted soirée dance on February 3rd?


We will most definitely be seeing bows on heels, dresses, hair, anything you can make room for a bow on. Any kind of bow that you can stick onto any kind of clothing item is the fashion statement currently. The girls are loving the ‘coquette’ trend and look so trendy and stylish in it every. single. time. It entails all things girly and cute. Pink bows. Black bows. White bows. Any color bow. We will see them at the GRC soirée. 

Fabric Add-Ons

Shopping for my own soirée dress, I saw more than a handful of dresses that had ruffles, draped sections, big bows, and just flowy fabrics that added dimension to the dresses. Textured clothing has made its debut these past few months and I think we will most definitely see this current fashion trend flow over into the dress world.


This one is for the boys. All black pants, button downs, shoes, turtlenecks. Black everything. This has been a trend for a couple previous years and I believe it will continue to stay alive this year. It’s a classic for all the boys. Don’t know what to wear with your date? All black. Last minute shopping for your slacks and button down. All black. Like I said, it’s a classic.

Chunky Heels

In previous years, we’ve seen Chelsea boots, Dr. Martins, platform sneakers, and all shoes chunky in trend fashion wise, so now I introduce to you: chunky heels. There has to be a couple pairs of these chunky shoes we will pass by on the night of February 3rd. It could even get crazy enough to see chunky heels with bows. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am; two trendy soirée predictions in one shoe.

Silk and Satin

As we begin to see the glimmer of our sequinned, glittery dresses fade away into the past, we begin to see the shiny silk and satin swoop in to save the day. Once again, we see very feminine, girly trends having girls in a chokehold right now. Currently in fashion, brands like skims, lululemon, etc. are the big deals. A good basic clothing item that you can share and pair. This is why I think silk and satin dresses will be very popular. They’re very fluid choices, being able to be paired with thousands of different textures, jewels, colors, and much more.


Entering 2024, the corsage and boutonniere combo are fading into the distance and being replaced by a new combo. A bouquet and boutonniere. This fresh new combo is much classier and sleek than the corsage and boutonniere. A bouquet even by itself seems to be more popular than a corsage and boutonniere now. The bouquets with the dresses easily fills an empty extra hand in photos and adds a pop of color to the soirée look.


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Rileigh Reed, Multimedia Staff
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