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Super Bowl LVlll: The Battle of Evils

Clay Turley

Let’s be honest…no one wanted this Super Bowl. There are only three groups of people that are happy and actually going to watch the game: the 49er fans, Chiefs fans, and Taylor Swift fans. That’s it. If you don’t fall into one of those categories, you don’t care about the game, and rightfully so. The NFL script writers really let us down this year. 

After the conclusion of Championship Sunday this weekend, the Chiefs and 49ers have clinched their spot in the Super Bowl. Usually this is the most hyped up game of the entire season, but not this year. The entire country was rooting against the Chiefs and the 49ers this weekend, and of course they’re the teams that went through. 

First of all, the Chiefs — it’s getting old. There’s no excitement when the same team wins over and over again. It’s New England 2.0. We’ve seen Mahomes and Kelce in the Super Bowl 3 times in the past 4 years, and this year is no different. 

Not to mention because of the Chiefs win, 60 percent of the Super Bowl is just going to be Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes, the downfall of football. Lamar was our only hope of avoiding this. Unfortunately, he lost and now we have to endure 3 and a half hours of torture. 

This is the one that really gets me: the 49ers. San Francisco should’ve been out of it 2 games ago and packing their bags back to the bay. They’ve gotten lucky back to back weeks. Green Bay’s kicker is about as accurate as a Kentucky’s meteorologists, and Dan Campbell forgets your’re actually allowed to kick a field goal in the first place. So basically San Fran is a Wild Card caliber team and doesn’t deserve to be in the Super Bowl. 

Also, the 49ers ruined the Cinderella story. They knocked off the Lions who have been having an incredible season. It’s the first time they won a playoff game since 1991. I think everyone was rooting for them just because the storyline was too good. No one wanted to see the 1 seed win. We wanted to see the team that was 3-13 just two years ago go to the Super Bowl. We wanted to see what could have been one of the greatest turnarounds in sports history. Thanks for ruining that, San Francisco. 

In less than a week, there are going to be about 15 people watching the Super Bowl. I wish this game could end in a tie, because then neither team would get the honor of winning. The potential of a Ravens vs. Lions Super Bowl was too good to be true.

Hopefully the commercials are funny and Usher’s halftime performance is good enough to distract everyone from the mediocrity of Super Bowl LVlll. 


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Clay Turley, Multimedia Staff
Hey, my name is Clay Turley and I’m so excited to be a part of Smoke Signals for my second year. A little bit about me is that I love playing sports with my friends and kicking their butts. I also love reading, playing guitar, going to church, and hanging out with my family. So that’s all the boring stuff about me; now to get into the fun stuff. I think that Inception is the best movie of all time, country music is by far the best, and hot dogs are superior to cheeseburgers. Don’t trust anyone who says something different.

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