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Generation Alpha needs to wind down

Libby Taylor

The up-and-coming Gen-alpha childhood is looking very different from what we think of when we think of our childhood.

The classic go-go pets and cabbage patch kids dolls that we all grew up with and loved have now been replaced by anti-aging skin care products and Lululemon for these nine-year-olds. 

Spottings of nine year olds in large scale makeup stores like Ulta and Sephora have been going viral all over the internet in the past months.

Videos of young children stealing and destroying products, along with screaming at workers for not having the latest Sol De Janeiro sent have taken the internet by storm.

Where are their parents? and Who lets them act like this? are a few of the questions being asked right now, and for good reason.

Based on these latest videos, parents not only should raise their children to never act like this, but they also should not be letting their kids play with these high-end make and skincare products.

Don’t get me wrong, at that age I also loved painting my nails and playing with mini makeup kits that had my favorite Disney princesses on them, but I was never begging my mother to buy me retinol-induced skin care products.

Brands like Drunk Elephant and Summer Fridays have been the new Barbie dolls for many eight and nine year olds today as I see more kids now playing with serums and eye creams than I see kids playing with toys or outside. Is this what we want kids to grow up like? 

We should not be letting kids use these highly expensive, highly dangerous skincare and makeup products at this age. These kids are not only going to mess up their skin with all these chemicals they mix and put on their faces, but they are replacing their childhood.

Instead of growing up playing outside until the streetlights come on, or creating games with their imagination, these kids are throwing tantrums because they didn’t get the newest Stanley Cup. 

These children are simply being forced into this idea that if they don’t have the latest iPhone or the new Stanley cup color then their world will end.

We should be letting these kids grow up like these because one day they will look back and see no childhood, just memories of early found insecurities that most people don’t think about till the mid-teens.

Stop trying to make your kids grow up so fast and show them how to be kids before it’s too late.


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About the Contributor
Libby Taylor
Libby Taylor, Multimedia Staff
 Libby is a junior in high school that despises math. She would rather read the entire encyclopedia than solve a simple math equation. Libby believes that people who do math for fun are not well and should be locked away. She also believes that history is the superior class and that all who like history are just better than the average person. Libby is sadly left handed and hates it because her hands are always dirty when she writes. She has an unworldly obsession with sushi and wants to live in Japan for a year just to eat sushi everyday. Libby has three dogs, two of which are severely obese, and the other one looks like an ewok from Star Wars mixed with a little old man (even though he is only four).

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