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Christmas: The commercialized holiday

Zach Ross

The magic of Christmas exists in the memories of all, but that is now the only place it exists. The holiday season has ultimately lost all its joy.

Now, instead of baking cookies with your families, Tickle-Me-Elmo has torn families apart in a savage survival of the fittest.

Instead of waiting upon Santa to arrive with gifts, kids are waiting upon the next iPad to drop so they can play Among Us for hours during their school break. Where did the magic go?

It’s pretty simple: Christmas has become too commercialized.

Consumers have bought into the idea that basically anything flavored peppermint, anything that sports a Santa hat, or anything released in the months of November and December are automatically destined to be vessels of Christmas spirit.

Christmas has shifted from a time of care and compassion to a holiday focused on consumerism and comparison.

It’s safe to say that we have taken for granted the things we have or the things we receive, and forget that the holiday season is also about giving.

It’s hard not to be wrapped up in the idea of getting presents or going to holiday parties, but there are also kids who have to stay in a house with no heat, receiving no presents over Christmas.

If the holidays are only magical for those who aren’t less fortunate, then that magic isn’t real.

And there are even times I recall students having access to making and receiving gifts in school, without having to face a burden of supplying one for others.

That was a time that every single student felt the holiday spirit, and it didn’t matter how much money their families had.

Specifically, I can remember the days in elementary school where we constructed handmade arts and crafts for our parents.

Now, children are getting handed crisp $20 bills to get their loved ones insincere and unthoughtful generic gifts from a wholesaler.

But the holidays truly don’t have to be just about the gifts we give and receive.

Unfortunately, that is what the media has depicted Christmas to be about, but there is so much more to this holiday.

Illustration by Eli Roach

It really comes down to comparison. Everybody is now trying to fit in, so their Christmas lists are full of sweaters, boots, and accessories that make everyone look like they belong in a Forever 21 winter ad.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas and the holiday season, but now it simply feels like a time of routine instead of a time of excitement.

We should be spending more time with our loved ones over the holiday season, and not feel burdened to attend every event we get invited to.

It’s sad that a time we once looked forward to all year long has turned into a time that people can’t wait to get over with.

I mean, sure Santa burdens himself with dropping presents at every child’s house in a single night, but we aren’t Santa Claus.

We have the rest of the year to be burdened with a busy schedule, so don’t take it out on the Christmas season.

Even if you can’t help a less fortunate family, or spare an evening to spend time with your loved ones, don’t let that be the thing that makes Christmas a time of dread.

It’s about time we restore the holiday magic that once used to exist.

It’s time to bring back Christmas.

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Zach Ross
Zach Ross, Features Editor
Once upon a time, a baby was introduced into the world. Fast forward 17 years, and you may find that this baby has grown into being a very talented, amazing, and awesome Features Editor. That baby grew up to be Zach Ross. In those 17 years of life, Zach has experienced the joys of dinosaurs, Broadway, Backyardigans, and Smoke Signals. And though he was once a baby, uncertain of the world ahead of him, he found a signal in the smoke and everything became clear. With every good story, there is a beginning and an end. The beginning was birth, and the end is Smoke Signals.

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