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Your Handy Holiday Gift Guide

McKinley Hacker and Olivia Brownlee offer gift recommendations for the people on your list.


McKinley Hacker

Trying to find a gift for your loved ones is a major pain. You can never think of things to buy, right? Well now you can check “find presents” off your to do list because your problem is solved. Varying from all different purposes and prices; these are the 10 best universal Christmas gifts to get for anyone. 

Ice Machine

Starting off strong, an ice machine. I have never spoken to a single person that has said they would be disappointed if they got an ice machine for Christmas. Who doesn’t love perfectly made ice? 

Here is my recommendation

Stainless steel water bottle

A good old stainless steel water bottle is a necessity for everyone. With this water bottle, you can take it anywhere and use it anytime and drinking water is kind of important. 

Here is my recommendation

Portable charger

One of the most annoying things ever is a dead phone. In my opinion, this option is the most reliable of them all. I have previously purchased portable chargers for friends and family and they have always been very happy to say the least! 

Here is my recommendation 

Lego set

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you have to admit legos are fun. Not only do lego sets have a wide range of prices, they also have a million different themes. 

Here’s where can you purchase


Airpods, beats, sony headphones, there are many options to pick from. If you have a higher budget, a new pair of headphones is the perfect fit for anyone. Everyone likes music so you can’t go wrong here. 

Here is my recommendation


If you are anything like me, you are constantly misplacing your sunglasses. Even if you’re not forgetful, you can always use a new pair of sunglasses. 

Here is my recommendation


A good speaker is perfect for any occasion. You can find so many with different features and specs. Anybody would get good use out of a speaker no matter who they are. 

Here is my recommendation


There is nothing more timeless than a good book. This generation could use some more reading and what better way to start than getting someone a book. There are so many genres to pick from to find a book you think would be suiting. 

Here’s where you can purchase

Apple Airtag

One of the best invented techy products is an Apple Airtag. Everyone loses important belongings at one point or another. Airtags can go on anything and everything to prevent losing said belongings. I can assure you this gift will not create any disappointment. 

Here’s where you can purchase


Sometimes you just don’t know someone well enough to know what they would want and you need a last resort. Getting a giftcard is your best option, a visa, gas card, amazon, the possibilities are endless.

My hopes are that your struggles are over and gift giving for the holidays is now less stressful. 


Olivia Brownlee


For those of you that are last minute and don’t get your Christmas List together until the last second, this is for you. For the others that have been thinking for weeks and can’t seem to find anything worth keeping on your list, this is also for you. Take a look at 10 items that you can put on your 2023 Christmas wishlist. If you couldn’t get enough inspiration from Mckinley’s, here’s some more options available for you. 


The first thing that pops in my head when I’m asked for my Christmas wishlist are shoes, which continuously leads to UGG boots. Whether it’s the house slippers or the boots themselves, UGGs seem to be a universal item that is asked for during the winter season. They also never fail to impress me. There’s so many options available, you could ask for a different pair from every one of your family members and still be content with what you got. Though they are on the more pricey side, their deals are always something to look out for. 

Here’s my recommendation 

Owala Water Bottle 

While Stanley’s are still a major hit Owala’s seem to be making their way up the ladder of needed water bottles. Owala’s are notorious for their different color shemes, which in my opinion is what is attracting many. They also give you two options as to how to sip your water. Owala’s are making their way up to being the new Stanley’s, get yours now before they’re sold out too!

Here’s my recommendation

Phone Case

Take a look at your phone right now and look at the state of your phone case. I can say for a lot of us right now our phone cases aren’t the prettiest they’ve ever been. Even if it does look good, it’s time for a change. Amazon has numerous options and brands of phone cases if you don’t know where to start. With the start of the New Year calls for a reset, and getting a new phone case is the start of it all. 

Here’s my recommendation

Airpods Max

Apple is really stepping up their game with these new headphones. I didn’t think it would get much more advanced than wireless airpods, but they just continue to impress me. When I looked at the price on this item I was quite shocked; hopefully they’ll be on sale because I see a lot of people asking for them! The price is pretty explanatory when you look at the benefits of the headphones themselves, and I feel like headphones are coming back in style now. We can all thank Apple for creating an amazing product that who knows how long will last until the next generation. 

Here’s my recommendation

Hunger Games Book Series

Even if you aren’t a reader, the new Hunger Games Movie is seeming to strike another wave of intense obsession. The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes came out mid November and is very popular with the public. It has received a lot of love for the movie itself, and now people are gravitating back to the books to relive the moments from the movies. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I do actually have the series on my wishlist. The Hunger Games series are very popular, so if you already have the book series I’d say ask for the movie series!

Here’s my recommendation


Remember when I said UGGs were one of the first shoe items that are often thought of , well Birkenstocks are the second option. Personally I don’t think Birkenstocks will ever go out of style, and asking for a new pair every Christmas season is a statement I will always admit to. They’re just so handy, and always seem to be the easiest pair to throw on before leaving the house. They have so many color options and keep coming out with new styles; the loafers are looking to be a big hit right now. I recommend putting these close to the top of your list if you’re wanting shoes that you can wear almost any time of the year. 

Here’s my recommendation

Concert tickets/merch

There are multiple well-known artists going on tour right now, and I’m sure at least one of them interests you. From Taylor Swift to Drake, there is a wide range of concerts you can attend. Ask for tickets to your desired concert for Christmas, that way you don’t have to pay for them yourself! If you can’t make it to the concert or don’t want to go, ask for some merch that your parents can order online. There is an endless amount of things you can ask for when entering the concert world. 

Here’s my recommendation


Something you can never go wrong with is a sweatshirt. They are always a staple for the holiday season, and are known for their style and comfort. With the variety of colors available you can never go wrong with a sweatshirt. You can dress them up or down and be the comfiest you’ve ever been all at the same time. Sweatshirts are also needed every time of the year; for cold nights in the summer and every second in the colder months. No matter any situation a sweatshirt is a must-have, and it is a great thing to ask for on your list.

Here’s my reommendation

Mini Camera

Memories are something you have to keep close, and it’s easy to forget those important memories. A mini camera is the perfect solution to keeping those memories but also having something small and portable to take around with you. They come in a variety of colors and can be taken anywhere, most of them are waterproof too! They are very convenient to have and never fail to produce a good picture. 

Here’s my recommendation

Family Games

For those that have family game nights at the end of every week, getting a new game to play is always a good option. With the new oculus coming out it provides families with the opportunity to spend some quality time together and play a multitude of games from one device. A favorite board game of mine is Life Twists and Turns, and you can never go wrong with a good game of UNO. 

Here’s my recommendation

These are the top 10 items you could ask for on your Christmas list, and if you still can’t think of anything then you might be out of luck. 




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