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Anna Wilson: The Warrior Cellist

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Anna Wilson made her mark in so many ways while at GRC. Here she performs with the All-State Orchestra.

Life as an artist is truly a battle, and recent GRC graduate Anna Wilson is ready to charge headfirst into the crossfire. Planning to make waves in the realm of classical music, Wilson is only armed with a cello and a bow.

Like any great warrior, their weapon is one of their most prized possessions. Likewise, an instrument is the greatest asset for a masterful musician.

“The cello always interested me for many reasons,” says Anna. “It has such a unique sound, being able to play in very low and high ranges, and it mimics the human voice. It feels like when I play, it’s an extension of myself more so than a separate object.”

But just like wielding a sword, learning the cello takes mentors, dedication, and lots of time to master. Even so, the cello wasn’t Anna’s first introduction into the world of art.

Being distinguished in instrumental music, ballet, and now even musical theater, Anna has taken her artistic abilities beyond the cinderblock walls of GRC. However, her very first introduction to arts came from her own family.

“My first experience with the arts came from my grandmother,” says Anna. “She’s a pianist and made sure that I had musical training early on. It didn’t take long for me to realize what I wanted to do in life. Thanks to these programs, I feel prepared for collegiate-level study and hopefully a successful career in music.”

These programs of ballet, Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra, and GRC’s Fine Arts Cohort all helped Anna “sharpen her sword,” so to speak. Having refined her abilities to the point of extreme excellence, she now plans to continue her cello studies in college.

However, a driving factor behind Anna’s love for art truly comes from her supporters. Family, friends, and teachers have joined Anna on the battlefield, encouraging her at every twist and turn.

“As I’ve said before, my family is very involved in music,” Anna says. “They’ve always come to my concerts, no matter how big or small. My mom was my very first music teacher. My friends are mostly involved in the arts in some way too, whether that’s through theater, dance, or visual arts. We’re all passionate about what we do and cheer each other on. As for teachers, I’ve had many fantastic ones. In particular, Mr. Olson has had a big impact on me. His passion for what he does and the care he has for his students is inspirational.”

Every warrior is only as good as their squadron, and Anna has a squad that will support her until the end. As she continues on her journey in the realm of cello music, Anna encourages anyone to continue fighting for their own passions.

“If you find interest in something, go for it,” says Anna. “Don’t limit yourself out of fear of judgment or failure. Experience everything your community and the world has to offer. You’ll find what calls you.”

Who knows… in five years, a new cellist may become a household name. And that name is Anna Wilson.

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