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Which one rises above all?

Graphic by Annie Lucas

Summer: Cady

Cady Johnson

The debate between which of the four seasons is the best will probably be one of the biggest debates for the rest of time. I’m not sure why because clearly summer is the only right answer. As 2023 starts to reach the end, all I can think about is how everything is better in July.

For starters, you don’t have to come to school and can sleep till whenever you want. Once fall starts, I have to wake up by 7:30 every morning, and I’m not built for that lifestyle.

When there’s no school, your sleep schedule can be whatever you like and you really only have to wake up for activities you volunteered to do. I’m not sure who would ever volunteer to wake up at the crack of dawn, but maybe that’s just me.

Summertime activities are endless. There’s no limit to what you can do. You can go to the lake, go to the pool, go hiking, or go to a fair. And you can go at any time of day; there’s fun to be had before 3:20 pm.

Fall brings something that could be even worse than school… the cold. Personally, I like the heat, and never worrying about if it’s going to be too cold to go somewhere.

You can wear all the cute dresses, sandals, and jean shorts you want. In fall, you have to wear long sleeves and closed shoes every day or else you’ll freeze. Then the next day, you’re burning up. Fall can’t decide what temperature to be. Annoying.  In summer time, you don’t really even need to look at the weather, you already know you can wear anything!

I’ll admit, Thanksgiving is a pretty good holiday, but it’s not better than the Fourth of July! Fireworks, bonfires, tubing — what more could you ask for?

To make matters even worse, sickness and fall are best friends. Every year, October hits and I’m suddenly sick until like December.

Immune systems drop each year starting in September because of the decreasing temperatures. The sicknesses spread because everyone is inside and around each other. Everywhere you go is a germ pool. Gross.

Time with friends is the biggest advantage of summer. Sure, you see your friends year round, but it’s not the same.

Once fall starts, the days are shorter, and it’s dark at 8 o’clock for six months. Sleepovers every night and then spending the whole day, every day with your best friends is the highlight of each summer.

Think of all the people you hear every day saying, “I wish it was summer”, and they’re right. Bright, warm, and sunny, characteristics of all the best things in life. It’s obvious, summer is and always will be on top.

Fall: Annie

Annie Lucas

Autumn is the best season that has come into this world.

Fall is indecisive like myself. Some days you might expect to look outside and spot snow falling from the sky, the next day you’re outside tanning and soaking up all of the UV rays while you still can.

Living the best of both worlds is just one of many reasons why fall is the best season.

First off, the food. Thanksgiving is a miracle brought to people all over the world. There is nothing better than the comfort of sitting with your family and stuffing your face with turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc.

The food is warm and cozy, perfect for the crisp fall weather, (if the weather decides to be crisp that day.) I wouldn’t think I could eat the same food for the rest of my life, but I could eat a Thanksgiving meal forever.

We can’t forget the beauty of Halloween. In the summer, you’re constantly worrying about what you can and cannot eat, how you look in a bathing suit, and when you’re going to finally lock down and start a “juice cleanse.”

When fall rolls around, you can put on your costume and start eating all of the Halloween candy in sight, with no shame.

The view in fall is prettier than any time of the year, no debate. The leaves slowly fall from the trees, changing colors from green to red and brown, and the sky always appears more golden towards the fall season as well.

Yes, summer is pretty too. It’s hard to beat with the sun shining, clear blue skies, and green grass, but there is something about fall that is just unbeatable.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. One of the most iconic, if not the most iconic thing about fall is the drink selections. Starbucks peaks during this season because of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews.

They are the perfect start to any autumn day, neither the sweet or bitter coffee taste overpowering the other. These drinks create the perfect balance of feeling snug and cozy, but still wanting to get dressed up and visit the pumpkin patch.

But coffee isn’t the only fall drink worth trying. Apple Cider holds a special place in everyone’s heart. It’s nostalgic to some, and delicious to all. Apple cider can be served hot or cold, going hand in hand with the autumn season. No matter what the weather has in store, you can always carry a cup of apple cider along the way.

While I may be an indecisive person at heart, there is one thing I could never be unsure about: Fall is the best season that has come into this world.

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About the Contributors
Cady Johnson
Cady Johnson, Multimedia Staff
Although there may be photos and first-hand witnesses to tell you the world has been colored for ages, they were all fooled. The whole world was actually black and white until February 26th, 2007, when Cady Johnson was born. Cady would describe herself as bright and outgoing, with a colorful personality. She is also awaiting her award for the biggest Swiftie of all time. Other than listening to Taylor Swift, her other hobby is clogging. She has been a competitive clogger for twelve years and loves performing and being on stage. If she had a theme song it would be New Romantics by Taylor Swift because it is so upbeat and happy, and can put anyone in a good mood.
Annie Lucas
Annie Lucas, Multimedia Staff
Seeing a butterfly fluttering its wings, buying any sort of Lululemon item, or hearing a Mac Miller song in the distance, you may stop and think of Anabelle Lucas, also commonly referred to as “Annie." She’s a junior at GRC, and is extremely passionate about all three of the topics listed above. She also enjoys reciting the entire “Stuck In The Moment” album, written by the one and only Justin Drew Bieber. One of Annie’s favorite hobbies is cheerleading. She has been cheering since she was just six years old. Anabelle adores performing and cheering for the beloved “Clark County Cardinals.” You know her, you may or may not love her -- the one and only, Anabelle Lucas!

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