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Focus on your future, not your phone screen

Mallory Jones

The average screen time for Gen Z is nine hours. Nine whole hours each day, spent scrolling on devices instead of focusing and making strides to change the future.

With that being said, that is nine hours, on average, that is spent idolizing the lives of other influencers and celebrities. So many kids are watching these lives and hoping to someday be as successful as the people they see on their phone screen.

Students will go to extreme lengths for their favorite celebrities. Paying tons of money for their concert tickets, buying all of their merchandise, and listening to all of the latest songs.

But one thing that goes unnoticed, is that in most cases, these celebrities and influencers have had to work, very hard at that, to be as successful as they are today.

We live in a day and age where social media has completely taken over. Instead of students taking initiative and planning the future, they are letting precious time slip away and focusing too much on the standards held by social media.

Social media projects a fake image of a fake life for people to see. It is a highlight reel that easily tricks its consumers. Instead of posting realistic things, influencers post only the best moments.

It is easy to become gullible and want to live this seemingly idealistic life. Teenagers especially are relying on the hope of getting famous or becoming a social media influencer. But in reality, they need to define their own futures and make strides to direct its course.

Students are stressed about their future after high school. Worrying about the trajectory of their life after school. But what are they doing to change it? Nothing.

High school students are presented with numerous opportunities that they should be taking full advantage of. The sky is truly the limit. From pathway classes, to internships, to networking opportunities, there is always a chance to capitalize on.

Whether students plan on going to college, trade school, or straight to work, there is no reason for them not to control their own destiny.

Many high schoolers are sitting around and waiting for the future to come to them. But something that needs to be known, by people of all ages, in fact, is that you have to take initiative and take charge to reach your goals and dreams.

High school students are given every single tool needed to be successful. And by simply taking advantage of these tools, they are able to build a better future.

Doors will open and doors will close, but it is up to you to walk through them.

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Mallory Jones
Mallory Jones, Multimedia Staff
“I've never felt more alone than when I’m trying to put sunscreen on my back.” -Jimmy Kimmel. This is the sad reality every day for Mallory Jones, because she's a ginger and has to apply SPF frequently. Besides that, Mallory is very involved in school activities like Beta Club, Mock Trial, and Student Y. She loves to sing, yodel on occasion, and compete in pageants! She stays busy but always makes sure to find time to enjoy some Don Senor chips and queso. Mallory is very excited to be part of the Smoke Signals staff and to have the opportunity to play a role in this amazing program. (P.S. Use this as your reminder to use SPF 30 daily.)

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