Long Knives are national champions!

Smoke Signals Media celebrates this incredible accomplishment through video

JROTC National Champion video by Kendall Barnes


Kendall Barnes

The JROTC Long Knives are national champions!

The Long Knives and Lady Long Knives traveled to Molena, Georgia, in November to compete in the Raider Nationals competition. Eighty-three teams from across the United States and from all service branches competed.

The team competition consisted of 4 total events : 5k team run, One Rope Bridge, PTT (team sprint w/ heavy equipment carries & obstacles), and The Gauntlet (woodland obstacle course with weighted rucksacks).

GRC senior Logan Dawson also won the individual Ultimate Raider Challenge, a Cross Country running event with weighted rucksacks .

ALL MALE TEAM – National Champions : Logan Dawson (Commander), Jonathan Curry, Blake Embry, Tyler Black, Ryan McCord, William McCord, BJ McCann, Cameron Neely, Carter Gibson, Colby Hatton, Ethan Muncie, Herman Smith, Tanner Morefield, Zach Lamb

ALL FEMALE TEAM – 4th overall : Aliyah Newsome (Commander), Abby Perry, Taylor Hall, Kenzie Roper, Simone Campbell, Leah Mueller, Lillian Perry, Tara Daniels, Allie Endricks, Bailey Wood, Karsyn Carroll, Monica Crews

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Every second counts: senior Logan Dawson wins Ultimate Raider Nationals