A new beginning for CCPS: Supt. Dr. Molly McComas

Introducing: Clark County Public Schools’ new Superintendent, Dr. Molly McComas.


Dr. Molly McComas

The relationship you never knew you needed: Superintendent Dr. Molly McComas.

“Relationships – they really are the bedrock of everything that needs to happen in order for a community to be successful and that hinges upon the quality of education,” says Dr. McComas. “When you’re better, I’m better.”

In the midst of all of the challenges facing school districts, building relationships is more important than ever.

Luckily, that is a top priority for Dr. McComas, who was hired this summer to lead Clark County Schools.

“Dr. McComas just felt right,” says Board member Megan Hendricks. “She values relationships with CCPS employees and stakeholders. We are very lucky to have Dr. Molly McComas as our leader.” 

Board member Sherry Richardson agreed. “We changed our ‘Meet the Candidates’ event to ‘Meet our new Superintendent,’ she said. “I personally loved Dr. McComas’s energy and how she gets so excited talking about education and her ideas for Clark County.” 

“She has such a go-getter attitude and she is always looking for the silver lining no matter what the situation is,” says Board Chair Ashley Ritchie. “I think the love she has for the educational field as well as children in general shines through. I truly feel in my heart she has the job she has always dreamed of getting.” 

Dr. McComas was born and raised in Grant County, where she graduated from high school in 1994. After that, she “went to school for all of her life,” she jokes, and earned a doctorate in Education Leadership & Policy Studies from Eastern Kentucky University. 

After holding myriad prestigious positions over 22 years, you may wonder why Dr. McComas was interested in being a Superintendent. 

Dr. McComas, left, with Dr. Kara Davies, CCPS Preschool principal.

“I really do believe that the power of the community is based on the quality of education,” she says. “We have to look at it through the perspective of our future parents, future coworkers, future mayors, future pastors, and our students are our future.”

In her short time on the job, Dr. McComas has worked to accomplish things that will move our district forward. 

One is the new position of a student representative on the Board of Education. 

“Having the Board recognize student voice to the level that they appoint a student member to the Board of Education is great,” says Dr. McComas, adding,”this will continue every year, so we get to hear student perspectives and help us have a better idea as to how students feel.”

A second accomplishment is raising sub pay. 

“We needed subs and we were paying them $78 a day, maybe more depending on the level of education,” she explains. “That was something we had to address if we’re going to make sure that we preserve in-person learning. They’re worth a lot more of course, but it’s a lot better than what it was.”

Being big on relationships doesn’t stop once Dr. McComas is finished working for the day.

“I’m very selfish with my time and I serve three things,” says Dr. McComas. “I serve my faith – my relationship with Christ. My family comes second and that’s my mom and my mother-in-law – my best friends, along with my husband, who is also my best friend. My world revolves around those two things because my work is my passion and they help feed me so that I can feed my passion, which comes third.”

Outside of her work, Dr. McComas and her husband have a son, Sam, and a daughter, Olivia.

She enjoys reading, cooking and baking from scratch, gardening, cleaning her house to make sure it looks “magazine ready,” and listening to devotionals on her commute to work to grow closer to God and in her faith.

When she’s not doing any of those things, you might find her couponing and listening to or watching Dave Ramsey – who she was adamant about mentioning because of his awesome financial advice. Maybe it’s the math teacher in her, but she loves budgeting.

“I make a family budget every month and I love when we end under budget,” she laughs. “In my planner I map out how much money we have to spend each month.”

This comes in handy during work when she is budgeting for the Clark school district. 

In both her family and her work, it is Dr. McComas’s bottom line goal to build strong relationships within our district.

“I want to help build a school system instead of a system of schools,” she says. “We are going to come together as a full leadership team for Clark County Public Schools.”