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McKeehan finishes stellar GRC volleyball career, moves to next level

Kelsey McKeehan

Blood. Sweat. Tears. This is what it takes to become an outstanding athlete.

GRC senior athlete Kelsey McKeehan could tell all about the hardships of pushing yourself to be the greatest at your sport. 

McKeehan is ranked 7th in the regular season in the whole entire state for assists. She has worked hard for this achievement, setting her teammates up for success and a great kill 81 times, playing a minimum of two sets. 

Her team reaps the success she helps sow, holding their post-season record of 25-6. McKeehan puts in her time year-round, playing varsity volleyball and club volleyball in her off season. She is on one of her club’s (Lexington United Volleyball) national teams as well.

McKeehan is most definitely getting plenty enough reps. During games she gives her all, constantly showing the crowds her determination and grit. Not only does she put in hard work during games, but she gives 100% effort even at practices. 

“I always try to remember the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward,” McKeehan shares, “I knew in order to achieve any goals I had for myself and my team I had to commit daily whether I felt up for it or not.”

Clearly Kelsey understands the struggle of committing when you have days when you really just want to lay on the couch, but this is what makes her exceptional at what she does and it is evident in the stats. 

She is one of the five seniors from this 2023 GRC volleyball season who helped to build this team from the ground up. Hanging in there with her first season as a Cardinal and a team record of zero wins, McKeehan has been in for the long haul still fighting for wins her senior season, four years later. There have been many trials McKeehan has experienced because of this long journey. 

McKeehan may be an impressive athlete; however, she also has a great support system that is there for her when she needs that extra push. “I think everyone has days where they feel a break is needed, but thankfully I had great teammates always willing to encourage or pick me up,” McKeehan tells.

On these days when Kelsey has that extra support system, she is motivated to put in her time to earn the greatest achievements. McKeehan has been invested in this sport for as long as she can remember, beginning her journey in her 6th grade year. 

A long journey it has been, but has resulted in many, many rewards for McKeehan.

Finishing her senior season ranked as 7th in the state for assists and committing to Walsh University to continue her athletic career as a setter, anyone could say Kelsey McKeehan deserves her accomplishments and recognition.


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    Linda OrmsbyNov 15, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    Great article. Very well written. Good luck to our GRC athlete!