Nothing is better than Friday Night lights


Photo by Marissa Gilchrist

Fox 56 came to GRC Friday morning for Game Day. Students came out early to be a part.

It’s Friday night,  stands roar with cheering, the cheerleaders are engaging the fans, and the band plays their instruments with excitement. 

Football season is here, and our community could not be more excited for it. 

There’s nothing better than a Friday night football game in a small town. Students, community members, and staff members of GRC are given an opportunity to all gather over a game of football.

Senior Landon Marcum, member of the GRC football team, is looking forward to a successful season. 

“I can’t look too far into the future but I can see us winning more than previous years and making the season a lot more fun for us players and the school,” he said. 

Staying focused is something that is important to Landon, “I’m not letting the win last week cloud my brain and let me expect the next to be handed to me,” he added. “Every week we have to practice and play like our record is still 0-0 and earn it.”

One of the best ways to get rowdy at football games is to be in the student section. This year, the Get Rowdy Crew has some amazing things in store. 

“My main goal is to show as much support for our sports teams as possible, says section leader Chase Hatton. “I want to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere for both students and athletes at athletic events and around the school.”

The section engages students by brainstorming interesting themes and chants. 

 “In order to make it memorable and inclusive, I make sure to get as many opinions on activities as possible,” Chase continues. “I also do my best to advertise and promote athletic events to the student body.”

For most, the fun atmosphere of football games is what draws them in. Two of the most important components to this exciting setting are the band and the cheer team.  

Senior Ashley Sparks, a member of the band, is anxiously awaiting the return of GRC football. 

“I’m most looking forward to the band being able to play and hype up the crowd. Everyone just gets into the spirit,” says Ashley.  

Additionally, Macy Daniel, a member of the GRC cheer team says, “I am most excited for the first home game of the season, adrenaline, and cheering on our Cards.”

Keeping the crowd’s energy high will carry over to the field, motivating the Cards to push for a win. 

“Our team is planning on having the most spirit and being the loudest at the stadium for our Cards and the fans,” Macy added.

Finally, a football game would be nothing without the fans. The cheering, posters, and high energy ties the experience together. 

“My favorite thing about GRC football as a whole is seeing this team start to trust the coaches and the process,” says long-time GRC fan Morgan Heath. “These young men have worked hard in the off season. They understand the expectations and have started embracing the ‘We Not Me’ mentality.” 

It’s important that we as a community show up for the Cards.

Let’s embrace the close bond we have as a small town, and support our beloved team.

As Coach Chirico says, “If Enough People Care, Anything Is Possible.”