Freshman Mallory Jones ‘can’t imagine a world without song’


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Mallory sings the national anthem at a GRC sporting event.

Freshman Mallory Jones is fearless and on a roll.

With countless performances, Mallory goes into each and every one prepared and with confidence. 

Mallory has been singing ever since she was able to talk and has been acting in productions since she was five.

Just recently, she discovered her love for yodeling, and is already quite accomplished at the unique singing style.

Mallory Jones

Mallory has performed more than 50 times and she’s won numerous awards.

“Singing allows me to connect with others and have some really amazing opportunities, but it also allows me to have something that is just my own,” she says. “It is my passion and I can’t imagine a world without a song.”

One thing in particular that makes Mallory stand out from the rest is her astonishing ability to yodel.

Since a young age, Mallory always wanted to learn to yodel. She caught onto it fast and it’s become one her most recognizable talents. 

“I heard someone yodeling when I was little and just wanted to do it,” she says. “I kept asking and finally I started working on it. I started being coached on it about two years ago.”

Many people dream of having Mallory’s unique voice and God-given talent to sing.

“I’ve been singing my whole entire life, I basically just came out singing,” she said, “By the time I was three years old, I started singing at church with my grandmother.” 

One of her biggest performances was singing the national anthem at the Lexington Legends Stadium. She sent in her audition and was soon surprised with the news that she was chosen to sing. “I had always wanted to perform at a Lexington Legends game,” she said.

Not only can Mallory sing and yodel; she can also act. She has been in more than 12 productions and plans on being in many more.

Mallory is crowned Miss Teen Clark County (Photo submitted)

“I started theatre and talent shows by the time I was five,” she said. “My favorite role I’ve ever played was Wendy Darling in Peter Pan. We have a lot of the same personality traits.”

Mallory shares her talent with people in many other ways than just opening with the national anthems for events or being in productions. She’s participated in talent shows, pageants, competitions, and more. 

She took home first place in her session of semifinals at the Kentucky State Fair, performing a mashup of Yodeling Cowgirls and Your Cheatin’ Heart.

While Mallory has performed at many events around Kentucky, she has also competed and won a few local competitions here in Winchester. 

She was titled Miss Teen Clark County this past summer after participating in her first-ever pageant. “I’ve always wanted to do pageants, so I thought I might as well stay local and start with Miss Teen Clark County,” she said.

With her mom’s unconditional support and Mallory’s positive attitude, Mallory is willing to take on any challenge thrown her way. 

“My mom is my biggest supporter,” says Mallory. “She always encourages me and she has never missed a performance. Mom will even take off work just to make sure she’s there.”

Mallory has accomplished so much at a very young age but this is just the beginning for her. She plans to advance in her singing career and hopes to one day perform in the Grand Ole Opry.

“If I don’t make it to Nashville and have a career in music, then I hope to continue using my talent for pageants, singing in church, local performances, and in musical theatre,” she says. “Playing instruments and singing is a huge part of my life so I will always find a way to incorporate it into whatever I do as an adult.”

Mallory collects one of her many talent awards (Photo submitted)



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