Should schools be closed or remain open as Covid challenges persist?

Smoke Signals staffers express their views

Warren Harris

Closing schools not the answer

School. Coming to school. Something that has been non-negotiable since school was created in 1635. Why stop going now? A virus. A virus spreads. Something that we have known viruses to do since the first virus was discovered in 1892. Closing schools is not the answer to stop one nor has it ever been. The virus will spread regardless. Coming to school to learn is as essential as going to Kroger to get food. Your brain needs food as much as your stomach. When you can’t learn or socialize, your brain suffers. This became evident as schools shut down last year and suicide rates and mental health issues rose drastically. Closing schools is not the answer.


Reagan Smith

Swift decision for virtual needs to be made

To put it bluntly, our students are dropping like flies. We are only a little over two weeks into school and more of my teachers and peers are out at once than there have been in my entire academic career. We aren’t being told what’s happening and that’s causing panic and confusion among the community. At this point nothing has been done to address the hundreds of students out from our schools each day and that is wrong. We’ve all done our best to go back completely in-person for instruction, however the fact is that’s not what’s best for our students and staff at this time. A swift decision for virtual needs to be made at this time for virtual and when cases are down we can consider coming back to school once again.


Sara Clark

Students need to stay in school

Students need to stay in school to get the quality education they deserve. So many students missed out on social skills, education, and developing important relationships. Elementary aged students, specifically kindergarten and 1st grade, have missed out on a year and a half of developmental education – basic reading and writing skills, basic math facts, and so much more. If we go back virtual for any period of time, look at the effect it will have on our students countywide. High schoolers aren’t getting the college and career readiness they deserve. If we go back virtual, look at what all the seniors will be missing out on. High school is a time of reflecting on all your years of education with your friends and family, not a time to be stuck in your house doing schoolwork. I’m very thankful for teachers who have influenced me over the years, and I want to allow them that opportunity my senior year as well.


Lily Fogle

Do more or go back to virtual

Unpopular opinion… I think there needs to be a change in the way the school handles Covid. As soon as we came back to school there was a huge spike in Covid. Many students I know have already gotten Covid, and it’s only a matter of time until it gets to more of the teachers. There’s no wonder as to why either. Every time I go into class or the hallways I see many people with their masks pulled down or not on at all. I understand not wanting to stay home, but people need to do the bare minimum before we can stay in school. There are some students whose family might not be able to handle Covid. When Covid spreads it’s not just in this school, it gets out to students’ family and friends as well. I feel like as a school we need to do more, or we need to go back to virtual.


Hayden Cecil

In person the superior way to learn

The school district may need to make a decision soon about keeping the school open or going virtual due to the rising Covid cases. The school needs to stay open as it’s obvious that in person is the superior way to learn. Also, it’s not like people still won’t be exposed to Covid. Students still hang out, parents still go to work, and people who are trying their best to stay away from Covid are still getting it. You also have to remember that throughout history people have been faced with challenges, and they didn’t overcome them by staying at home.