A visit with head football coach Joe Chirico … and the ‘real head coach,’ Brayden Chirico


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Coach Chirico and Brayden after winning the Class A state championship at Kroger Field.

“Team>Me” has found its way into GRC football’s philosophy thanks to our new head coach, Joe Chirico.

Smoke Signals staff member Macy Daniel visited with Coach Chirico and asked him a few questions on his time at GRC and his coaching career. 

Joe Chirico

Macy: How did you come up with your “team>me” motto?

Chirico: “I was sitting in my house wondering how to change a situation and threw a lot of prayer up and this is what came out.”

What does it mean to you?

“Put other people’s goals in front of your personal goals and you will find success. If enough people care, anything is possible.”

What challenges do you face while being a coach?

“Juggling all the duties that come along with being the head coach and finding time to spend with my family.”

What are your goals/plans for the team?:

 “To work hard and be the best we can be.”

How did you transfer your work ethic from Paintsville to GRC?:

“We must stay consistent with the message and lead by example.”

I understand that football is important in your family. How does your family get involved in teams you coach?

“My son is the real head coach. All his sisters are his biggest fans. My wife loves all the boys.”

Speaking of “the real head coach,” Brayden Chirico, we asked him a few questions as well…

Brayden Chirico

Macy: What has been the most fun part of your move to GRC?

Brayden: “Meeting new people, especially the football boys. And the student section is huge.”

How have you bonded with the players?

“Very well, with all of them.”

Do you go to their practice every day?

“Every day that my dad lets me!”

When your dad says you’re the real coach, what does he mean by that?

“I scream at ’em, and tell ’em what to do. Besides that, before every game, I give the athletes’ prayer.”

Do you want to be a coach like your dad? With a good salary?

“Yes, I already am the coach! At this point I’d do it for free.”

What do you think about GRC?

“It’s so big! There are a lot more people to meet. I really like that.”


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