GRC making plans for Prom April 24 at the school

‘We can’t announce specifics right now due to the unpredictability of COVID but we will have a Prom.’ -Principal Bolen

It’s unclear exactly how Prom will look this year, but the GRC administration is committed to having the event in some capacity.

The 2021 Prom is scheduled for Saturday, April 24, and the theme, as voted on by the seniors, is Night of Royalty.

The best news is that Principal David Bolen has set the ticket price at $10 per single and $15 per couple, a significant reduction in cost from previous years.

“It’s been a rough year for our seniors and we want to make their Prom as affordable as possible while still providing a classy venue and a fun experience,” Bolen said. “We can’t announce specifics right now due to the unpredictability of COVID but we will have a Prom.”

Initial planning began in December with students deciding in January on the theme through a Google Form-based vote.

Staff members then began making preliminary decoration plans in anticipation of students coming back to school to help with the final planning.

“I realize there are a lot of questions, but know we are committed to an event,” Bolen said. “I hope everyone understands that my goal is provide them with accurate information, not misleading information so we can’t say a whole lot right now. We are dealing with COVID restrictions in every aspect of life and who knows how relaxed they will be in the months ahead.”

When students return to school, which is scheduled to happen as soon as this stretch of bad weather passes, a Prom Committee will be chosen.

The committee will help with decorations and other preparations for the evening.

“We hope to keep the well-known GRC Prom traditions, like the arch of swords for the entrance and the election of a king and queen,” Bolen said. “While it was impossible to have a Prom last year, we pledge this year to have as normal a Prom as we can for our seniors.”



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