Dwell on the good that will come from the pandemic

An early GRC graduate puts a positive spin on this most unusual year

Mia Walter

The entirety of mankind is facing an isolation that has never been seen before, and everyone is reacting in their own, unique way.

Each experience, specific to their own, none classified as painless. How we learn, interact with each other, work, or even view the world is strongly influenced by being able to see people face-to-face.

For many of us, we’ve been without the full physical presence of others for quite some time now.

 In ways, no one noticed when life was considered “normal.” We were being blindly shaped into stronger human beings by the challenges that we faced in our pre-pandemic lifestyles.

All of the events that the past year have so unpleasantly brought to the table have given us something that I used to often find myself mistaking for a permanent alteration of our personalities; powerlessness.

I’ll give you the good news first. This is something that can be fixed; it isn’t permanent at all because we are stronger than our obstacles.

 Like I touched on before, everyone is handling this experience in a different way, so you may never have felt this way.

If so, congratulations! You are part of the small percentage of people who passed this wicked test provided by the universe, forcing us to reveal strengths and weaknesses we may have not known about prior to the lockdown.

Forced seclusion from others tends to make us realize more about ourselves than we may have picked up on before.

We’ve seen what we need to change about ourselves and have developed some of our more latent features.

 Now, for the bad news… the comeback will take more courage, ambition, and strength than we may have ever needed before.

These three prime character traits help us get through life, with or without the pandemic taking place.

This leads me to my personal favorite part of the pandemic, the good that will come from it.

Soon enough, life will be semi-normal again, with a higher standard of living.

What the future holds will be modified by COVID-19, but there won’t be as many hiccups that we can’t overcome.

Hard times can cause mass struggles in the moment but when you look back when those times are over, you may be surprised about what you learned and how you have evolved as a human.

Next time you find yourself feeling helpless, remind yourself that this may just be part of a larger plan, and the self-awareness these times have brought to us is worthwhile.