The Excitement of Snow Days


As a child, seeing school closings move across the TV screen begins a whole new night.

You get out your phone or begin to text your friends… “If school closes, come over.” “Do you think we’ll have enough snow?” “There’s no way the Board will call it off.”

This all is followed by constant refreshing of websites to see if Clark County will be closed as well.

Most of the time when a snow day comes around you get to turn off all your alarms, maybe have a friend over, or get all your snow gear out of the back of the closet to prepare for the next day.

However, now when a snow day comes around, we continue with our alarms, our friends stay at their house, and the snow gear continues to just pick up dust. 

Snow days aren’t just a day free from school; snow days have such a deeper meaning to kids.

They give us the time off that we always need. During the winter season, everyone is feeling down. We have been attending school for almost two semesters now and the days are starting to mesh.

However, that’s how it felt before COVID-19. Today, the feelings are much much worse.

The constant feeling of maybe not getting to go back to school, or not having your best school year takes such a ginormous toll on all of us and makes us in dire need of a break.

The idea of us maybe getting to have a day off to go play in the snow, see our friends, and stay up late gives everyone something to look forward to.

Students need this hope, especially right now.

It would help us get excited for school every day. It would push us to keep working because maybe one of these days we will get a break. 

When you have snow, you many times get ice. Normally a snow day will occur because the buses can’t drive on the road or the streets are unsafe.

This is something that still affects us today. Students who don’t have access to the internet at their homes have to drive to a nearby school, church, or library to get the internet to be able to do their work.

If the roads are unsafe for teenagers or parents to be driving on, then the students can’t go to a place to get internet. This leaves students stuck without a way to get their work done or to contact their teachers.

While the students with the internet continue on with their normal day and get all of their attendance points for being at their meets, the students who aren’t able to attend are going to be left behind on their work, receive less bonus points, and be stressed because of their situation.

The only way to solve this problem is to continue with snow days.

If the roads are not fit to be driving on, then all students should be given the time off from school until they become safe. 

In a year in which everything has been either changed or canceled, the little things need to stay the same.

The excitement and memories that come with snow days are what stay with us for the rest of our lives.

By continuing with snow days, we won’t be late on school work, we can continue having snowball fights and making snow angels, and most important, we will have less stress.

These few days may seem unimportant and just a way for students to miss out on education, but they’re much more than that.

The love and joy snow days bring will never be forgotten and will always be cherished. 


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