Breaking down the college application process

3 tips for success


Going to college is a dream most high schoolers cannot wait to happen, but before you can get accepted into your dream school you have to have to apply.

Often students are completely lost when it comes to the application process because of the importance it holds to the future.

It may seem like a lot is riding on this one application but lucky for students there are many resources to help guide you into making the best application that showcases all of your qualities.

Here are 3 tips to better your application.

#1- Get started early.

Creating your own application starts to become a focus point between your junior and senior year but that isn’t the only time students can start preparing.

Jamie Phipps, GRC’s college and career counselor, says “ It is never too early to start thinking about it because it is a competitive process and you want to give yourself enough time to maximize your opportunities.”

No matter what age or grade students are there are always opportunities available that can help them be more prepared for the future. 

#2- Be organized and prepared.

When colleges look at possible students they do not see everything they did in the past four years all they see is the application.

So when creating an application it is crucial that students highlight all of their best traits and show why they would be a great fit for that college.

Ms. Phipps recommends creating an application outline so when the time comes to sit down and begin forming the application everything is ready and organized.

“It’s easy to forget all the things you have accomplished in four years,” she said. “So start early, create your document and add as you go!”

#3- Get involved in your school and community.

When reviewing applicants, colleges look for well-rounded students. Yes, this includes GPA and test scores but they are also interested in you as a person.

It can be easy to focus on the educational side of the application as you are applying to further your education but don’t be afraid to talk about your life outside of school.

Said Phipps: “So whether that’s extra curricular activities, volunteering at your church or maybe holding a part-time job, they are interested in what makes you who you are and what things have you done to prepare yourself for your post-secondary education.” 

Applying to college is a big milestone in life so don’t let the logistics scare you from being excited about the future.

GRC has done its best to prepare students and offer many resources to aid in the application process. 

Ms. Phipps’ College & Career Website: College & Career Corner



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