Smoke Signals honors championships

It’s such an honor for us as the student media team to cover all the activities that happen in our school week in and week out.

We miss the hustle bustle of our media lab as everyone teams together to produce stories, video, photography, design, and graphics. It’s an honor to share the fantastic things going on with our students and our school, and we miss it terribly.

This year was especially fun as BOTH of our basketball teams earned a spot in the Sweet 16.

We are so heartbroken that this couldn’t happen, especially for our seniors — players, cheerleaders, band members, and Get Rowdy Crew — who were so looking forward to this unique opportunity.

However …

No quarantine or state shutdown can stop us from continuing to celebrate this great achievement. We want to share this video on #throwbackThursday to say GO CARDS and WE ARE GRC!

#WeAreGRC #TeamKentucky #TogetherKy #GRCCardinalNation #Classof2020

-Smoke Signals video produced by Ashlan Brookshire

-Footage by Lexi Garza and Megan Huff

-Drone footage by Maxwell Clark