UGH! The Debbie Downers need to cheer up


EA Nisbet, Multimedia Staff

Picture the old GRC for a minute…got it? Okay. Now picture the present GRC… got it? Okay, good. Now if that isn’t a glow up, I don’t know what is.

GRC has really come such a long way these past few years with making our high school a high quality school.

Somehow people still have so much to complain about.

Almost everything in the school is brand new, and there are people complaining about the smallest things! Why can’t everyone just be satisfied?

Yes, there are some things that could be improved, but nothing is needed. Really, it’s hard to even think of what the school really needs because everything we need is right in front of us, but people won’t stop being so stubborn.

“Ew, the color of our school is so hideous. Why would they choose such an ugly color?” Why does it matter if you like the color or not? Saying that won’t help anything; it’s just persuading other students to agree with you.

Negativity doesn’t need to be spread.

Oh, and the GRC sign on the gymnasium looks great. It shows people that it’s GRC and it’s really not affecting anyone, so who knows why that’s even up for discussion. Just be happy we have a new gym.   

No, we don’t have the best WiFi service, but you always have VPN hotspot to rely on. Not being able to go on your phone or look through Instagram for 7 hours is not the end of the world. Just stop being so attached to your phone, and that will solve many of your problems.

If students start focusing on the good things of GRC, maybe there won’t be so much conflict, and the complaining will die down.

Imagine everyone being thankful for what they have instead of pointing out the things we don’t have. WOW.

Being able to be taught by awesome teachers in this awesome school is outstanding and shouldn’t be bashed.

Dear Santa, for Christmas this year I would like students in GRC to at least try to stop being uncooperative and to just be pleased with what they have, like our wicked-cool school!

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