Step down Ale-8-One; there’s a new sheriff in town


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Sawyer Broeking loves his Cherry Ale-8

Sawyer Broeking

Everyone knows the legendary drink with the unforgettably unique name: Ale-8-One. Most people around these parts would agree it’s the best drink in Kentucky, but it’s not.

In 2018, the 93-year-old drink was finally dethroned by none other than the company’s own creation, Cherry Ale-8. So, luckily for them, they still hold the sacred title.

The release of Cherry Ale-8 was highly anticipated, since it was the company’s first drink since the original. Many wondered how it would play out, but Ale-8 hit it out of the park.

Cherry Ale-8 is by far the best drink in this universe, and regular Ale-8 isn’t even close. There is nothing like the feeling of pulling an ice-cold Cherry Ale-8 out of the cooler and taking that exhilarating first sip.

The ginger and citrus blend combined with Ale-8’s founder’s favorite fruit packs a punch that will keep your taste buds coming back for more. But that’s not all the remarkable drink offers.

The incredibly bright-red drink stands out to consumers more than the typical, boring tan of the original. The labels and bottle caps are unique because the colors aren’t colors you’d normally associate with Ale-8. The drink is flat-out eye catching, and there is no way around it. It’s extremely marketable and has clearly done well since it has been thriving in stores for a little over a year. The company has even thought so highly of it that they released a 16-ounce canned version.

This drink is most definitely a hit. Anyone who says different is bonkers! I’ve had my fair share, and I can safely say it’s a drink that never gets old. All of the naysayers out there might say, “Why do you like it so much? It tastes like cough medicine.” The response is always clear: “you’ll never see me coughing.” You know what they say – a Cherry Ale-8 a day keeps the doctor away.

From its dazzling new look, its magnificently bold taste, and its refreshing kick that hits oh so good, Cherry Ale-8 is the complete package!

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