Stop and Smell the Pollution

Taylor Rader, Opinions Editor

There is nothing better than waking up in the morn- ing, walking outside, and taking in a deep breath of car exhaust.

I mean, what other way would I want to start my day?

Let’s face it: We are killing our planet.

Like, extremely killing it.

Yet, instead of doing anything to change our harmful ways we decide to complain on Facebook about it because of course that will solve ALL our problems.

We are the only species on earth to blame for all the pollution and sludge found in our air and water. I mean, have you seen the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Lately, I have heard a lot of talk of people being angry at straws when straws aren’t even the problem!

Most people have jumped on the band wagon with banning straws just so they can pretend that they actually care about the environment.

I mean, conformity is the best way to get people to do stuff.

Banning straws isn’t going to all of a sudden solve every environmental problem. Sure, it might help, but it isn’t going to make that big of an impact.

Plus, some people actually need to use plastic straws due to how flexible and soft they are.

Instead, we should look at bigger issues like the 100 billion plastic bags Americans use a year or the 8 million metric tons of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans.

Listen, I don’t care how many Pura Vida bracelets you buy; you aren’t helping the environment.

Buying a bracelet isn’t going to cause some great impact, neither are those hip t-shirts you see advertised on Instagram.

Instead of dishing out money why don’t you do something more meaningful and pick up the trash that litters the side of our roads.

Or, even better, start recycling.

Eighty percent of all pollution is plastic, and most plastic isn’t biodegradable.

So, whenever you see someone using a straw, leave them be.

Instead, why don’t you throw your water bottle into the recycling bin and start helping our dying planet.