Smoke Signals Wins 19 Awards in State Journalism Contest


Olivia Montgomery, Editor-In-Chief

Smoke Signals prides itself on being a student-led staff dedicated to representing the students and staff of GRC.

The publication won state titles in the Kentucky High School Journalism Association annual competition in 2010, 2013, and 2017, as well as winning runner up in 2016.

In 2018, the KHSJA announced it would no longer be hosting a competition due to a lack of funds.

However, the media program of Campbellsville University volunteered to take over the KHSJA this year and host the state competition.

Overall, the Smoke Signals staff won 19 individual awards, and the next most recognized school won 10. However, an overall winner was not named, and Smoke Signals was not given a chance to compete for the state title.

A Smoke Signals editor reached out to Stan McKinney, the new advisor for the KHSJA, in an email to express their regret that there was no overall winner named.

Since 2018 is the first year the Campbellsville media program has led the KHSJA, it is still an evolving process.

McKinney explained that they would look at naming an overall winner as an option for next year’s contest.

“Not being recognized as a team for all of our hard work is disappointing,” says Smoke Signals Editor-in-Chief Savannah Anderson, “but being able to represent GRC is the only gratification we need.”

Smoke Signals has been a Winchester tradition since 1958 and is focused on continuing to shed light on GRC and the community.

“We always appreciate the support of the students and staff at GRC, as well as the community,” says Smoke Signals Editor-in-Chief Nick Hounshell. “We’re excited to see what the future holds.”