Feminism misunderstood, essential to the fight for social equality

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Feminism: the advocacy for equality among the 2 sexes.

Most people who are against feminism aren’t very educated on the topic or have misconceptions on what it really is.

Feminism is not a strive for women to be superior to men at all; it’s all about equality.

Although women now have all the same constitutional rights as men do, socially there is still inequality throughout the world.

Women in power may not acquire the same respect men do, and there is still a problem with the wage gap between men and women. Also, the fight for reproductive rights is still ongoing in the feminist community.

Although feminism is directed towards women, it still fights for men as well. The concept that men should be tough and emotionless is hard for many men to digest whether they admit it or not.

Through social feminism, feminists fight for it to be socially acceptable for all men to express their emotions openly and be as feminine as they please.

Although feminists strive for equality between both sexes, it is still targeted towards women.

The reason for this is the problem with inequality started with women being oppressed, and that is still recognized today. Women had to fight for their right to vote and be looked at as more than just property; therefore, our society would not be where it is today without feminism.

Today, women still struggle with being able to represent our country politically with the mis- conception that they are too emotional for the job. The fight to put this idea to rest and showcase that all humans can express the same emotions female or not is still in the process.

Many people may be feminist without even recognizing that they are. It’s not ignored that men and women are better at different things, and socially people recognize that women can do anything that men can.

However, the problem is still out there that even though on average men might be physically stronger and have more positions of power, they should still not be looked at as superior to women.

The fact that men hold more positions of power today is mostly because of society’s lack to accept that women can lead others on just as well as men.

The social inequality among our society is getting better but without feminism to push this fight on, the two sexes will never reach full equality.

I along with others are looking into starting a feminist club (the 50/50 club) here at GRC.

If you are interested, keep an eye out because there will be more details to come and the fight for equality will reign on!

Article submitted by Joy Lisle, junior