JROTC Raiders have Successful Season, go to Nationals

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JROTC Raiders have Successful Season, go to Nationals

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The JROTC Raiders charged through a highly successful fall competition season with many wins and trophies. JROTC’s All-Male Team competed at Army Raider Nationals in Molena, Ga., for the first time ever.

Cadet Abbi Taulbee collected the following comments from some of the raiders who attended:

Q: Since you are a senior and this was our JROTC program’s first time going to Raider nationals, how was your experience there?

Hunter Dawson: A very fun and enlightening time.

Nathan Walker: It was tough and very life changing.

Christopher Stefanski: Raider Nationals was a huge eye opener for how hard these competitions can be, especially going in blind not knowing how different every team is. It was cool to see these different schools take part in this very competitive event. It’s just to get together and have fun.

Q: What did you learn from going to Raider Nationals?

Hunter: I learned that when life gives you problems, you have to adapt and overcome them and do your best, and to keep going even if it’s not going to plan.

Nathan: I learned that we’re not the best Raider team nationally, but we’re one of the best Raider teams in Kentucky.

Christopher: I learned that you have to keep on going even though it hurts a lot. Always keep going. Give your 100 percent.

-Information and photos provided by Abbi Taulbee