Marching Band: Endless Hours, Endless Rewards

Jessica Brooks, Multimedia Staff

It’s the group we all know and love — the GRC Band. When they aren’t making games fun, they are practicing for countless hours, preparing for a demanding fall competition season.

There is much more to the band than meets the eye.

The band members spend so much time on music, technique, and performance.

“We put so much time and energy into it,” said drum major and piccolo player Alex Cole. “We work on our show music during class and we use our time very wisely whenever we have rehearsal.  We are just constantly working.”

This year’s competition show is called Moments. It follows a story of growing up, showcasing first childhood, then teen years, then adulthood, while portraying a love story.

There are lots of special moments that happen within the marching band.

“I would definitely say it’s something I can do for a really long time and that has so many benefits in the real world,” says Cole. “Even when I’m not marching I can still play music into adulthood. It teaches us leadership and how to work with others.

Fellow drum major Van Vermillion agree. “It’s a great leadership activity, especially in my role of drum major,” he said. “Marching band is a very competitive task activity that goes towards the pursuit of perfection.”

The band finished a successful competition season on Saturday, October 27 at the Middle Tennessee State University Contest of Champions in Murfreesboro.