Girls’ Golf Swinging for State

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Girls’ Golf Swinging for State

Aniston Culton goes for the green.

Aniston Culton goes for the green.

Aniston Culton goes for the green.

Aniston Culton goes for the green.

Hannah Curreri, Video Editor

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Three juniors, five
sophomores, two freshmen.

Ten high schoolers may not seem like a lot, but the effect they can leave on the golf course is nothing short of impactful.

The 2018 GRC girls’ golf team has had a successful season so far. The lowest team score by the top-five varsity was a 351, and every golfer has had great scores individually.

The team has three first place finishes. They’ve also added two second place and two fourth place finishes.

Larry Morris, grandfather to sophomore Brenna Rose, is serving as the team’s new assistant coach this season. The combined forces of patience and grit from coach Scott Franklin and Morris provide the team with a
needed push to succeed.

“The short game of golf is the hardest,” says Morris. “I try to make sure the girls put in the time and concentration during practice.”

Coaching golf is a tough job due to the fact that individuals must take time out of their own personal lives to aid the athletes at practices and tournaments. Coaches must stay composed under pressure and influence their golfers to do the same.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone and their individual personalities,” says Morris. “I think teaching the etiquette of golf is very important, and hopefully the girls will see how it benefits them in not only golf but in the game of life as well.”

The Lady Cardinals practice multiple days of the week and have matches after school. What really matters is the fact that the athletes take time to practice on their own.

“I really enjoy practicing on my own, especially at the driving range, because I have time to focus,” says freshman Aniston Culton. “Practicing with other people is also really fun and it helps me get better.”

At press time, the girls were competing in regions at Longview Golf Course in Georgetown.

Last year, the Cardinals qualified for the state tournament for the first time in around 20 years. Because of the determination shown on the course, the team has a great shot at returning to the state tournament in the first week of October.

“I think that if the team really focuses during practice and is determined,” Culton said, “then we will have a great chance of placing in regionals and doing well at state.”