GRC Paves the Way for Leaders of Tomorrow


Hayden Turley, Sports Editor

Connections. Seminar. ACT prep. Now advisory. Throughout the past years at GRC, many different classes have filled the famous “extra period.”

While this year’s advisory is a great way for students to bond and connect, five advisory periods are experiencing a new way of learning.

This year around 120 students at GRC are participating in “leadership advisories.”

The students were selected through teacher recommendations from the 2017-18 school year based on leadership qualities or potential the students possess.

“One thing I did insist hen we stared choosing kids was that it would be a heterogeneous group of kids,” said principal David Bolen. “A true cross representation of the school.”

The students in the advisories have different academic levels and range from freshmen to seniors but are all learning about how to be a better leader together.

They are learning from a curriculum called, “The Student Leadership Challenge,” based off a national program called “The Leadership Challenge.”

The entire idea of the leadership advisory was inspired by “The Leadership Challenge,” which principal Bolen attended in 2017.

“As I got involved with the program, there were a few of us administrators that felt like there was a natural fit for it with students too,” said Bolen. “That’s how the idea came about for GRC.”

Not only has Principal Bolen attended the “Leadership Challenge,” but administrators Mr. Loscheider and Mrs. Angelucci completed the program, along with five teachers, Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Crosby, Ms. Mudd, Mrs. Griffith, and Mrs. Doyle.

The five are teaching the leadership advisories.

“I felt like when I did it, it was one of the best things I’ve done in my 10 years of education,” said Bolen. “When the teachers who went this summer came back, they really felt empowered to do something with it too.”

While Mr. Bolen introduced the program to the school, the actual teachers of the advisories are responsible for carrying out the program. “Since I talked to the teachers about it, I’ve been very hands off,” he said. “It’s up to them hat they make it to be.”

This program has big potential in GRC and it just beginning.

2018 is the first year of many that the “Leadership Challenge” will impact our school and inspire students. Hopefully advisory it the “extra period” that will stick around.