Smoke Signals Criteria for Sports Coverage in 2018-19

Savannah Anderson, Editor-In-Chief

Educate. Entertain. Engage.

Smoke Signals’s mission would be more difficult to accomplish if it weren’t for a pivotal part of the high school experience: athletics.

Our newspaper engages and entertains many students because of our coverage of athletics, and we try our best to educate our audience on what’s going on in the world of GRC sports.

However, this task is not always as easy as it may seem.

It is only possible to report on sports that are brought to our attention, and we also cannot cover every game that every team has.

In the past, Smoke Signals has not done a great job in balancing sports coverage. This exclusion of lesser known sports has been unintentional, and we will try our best to eradicate it in the coming year.

To eliminate favoriting certain sports, our criteria for posting on Twitter/Facebook about sporting events will be:

  • a link to the schedule of all (known) sporting events in the coming week will be posted on Mondays
  • every football game will be covered because of the minimal amount of games the team has
  • all other sports will be covered only for home games/matches, the Montgomery County games, and the District, Region, and State tournaments
  • varsity sports will be prioritized