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It’s not too late to join the Good Reading Challenge


Reading is a great way to get away from everything and go on your own adventure. Whether it be fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, or any other genre, a book can be an escape that you get lost in for hours. With just yourself and the pages, no distractions, no outside noise, you find yourself lost in the world of your choice. 

Here at GRC, we have a system that rewards you for going on these adventures and reading books. The Good Reading Challenge, envisioned and brought to life by our librarian Mrs. Konstantopoulos, allows you to read an assortment of books for prizes. 

 “By simply participating in the reading challenge, students are automatically guaranteed a free book, pizza, drinks, and as party,” Mrs. K says. “Also for every book they read, their name gets entered into a drawing to win extra prizes such as a gift card to many restaurants.” 

To participate in the Good Reading Challenge and get all the goodies that come along with it, all you have to do is tell Mrs. K you are participating, try to at least read 5 books, and leave a short review for each one. These first 5 books have to be in a different genre, and Mrs. K has a specific reason for this. 

“If we do 5 different genres, it will force you to step out of your comfort zone and branch out,” she explains. “You might discover a hidden passion for a genre that you never even knew you had.”

For all the prizes and rewards, shooting to read 5 books isn’t too big of an ask. Especially if you already like to read, why would you not want to get rewarded for doing something you already love to do?

Mrs. K also says there is extra motivation for participating in the Good Reading Challenge.

“One of the biggest things about reading is that it is in itself a tool that gets you places. It improves your test scores, makes you a more eloquent speaker, and just prepares you for life.” She goes on to say, “You are always learning something new and that is something that will never be bad for you. I encourage kids to participate in this because it will help them in the future!”

While preparing kids for their future was a big goal for Mrs. K, another one she was passionate about was to display the resources we have here at GRC for students to use.

“I wanted to reach out to those kids who love reading and broadcast we’re incredibly blessed with the resources we have and I wanted people to use them. There’s also a stigma about not being able to come to the library because it’s nerdy or it’s not cool, but that is not that the case at all.” 

By giving students a way to access the huge collection of books we have, Mrs. K has gotten a chance to create great relationships with people who participate in this challenge. 

“If nothing else, the best thing about this challenge is that I’ve had incredible conversations about books with my kiddos,” she says, “and it’s opened an opportunity for me to get to know them better and form relationships.” 

The overarching point is this: If you like to read, or want to get more into reading, participate in the Good Reading Challenge. Or if you just want a pizza party, guess what, participate in the Good Reading Challenge. You might find yourself enjoying the books more than you thought you would.

The deadline to participate is April 5th, so go to the library, grab some books, and get to reading!


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