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GRC’s very own dynamic duo: The Yeasts

Photo by Rileigh Reed
Teigh Yeast and Mr. Yeast

Dynamic duo. Double Trouble. Frick and Frack. Teigh and Terry Yeast.

This father-daughter duo helps keep the wheels on the bus here at GRC from athletics to just existing as two iconic people everyone adores once  get to know them. 

If you haven’t already met Teigh or Terry Yeast, these two are free entertainment. If one doesn’t have you rolling laughing, the other one will. This is a new addition to Clark County and one we all cherish and hope to keep forever.

Mr. Yeast is a new assistant principal who directs our school’s athletics and a little bit of whatever needs to be done on the side. Most probably only see the professional side of Mr. Yeast, but as someone who knows him outside of school, the guy’s a hoot. 

As a father, Mr. Yeast lives to embarrass Teigh and aggravate her, but he also pushes her to be her best and absolutely adores her. Teigh excels in academics as well as athletics. She has multiple college offers in basketball, is nationally ranked in her track event, and plays volleyball as well. What’s even crazier is Teigh is only a sophomore. 

The excellence that seeps through the doors of the Yeast household into the rest of the world doesn’t stop here. The Yeasts push themselves to be better people, but also push and hold one another to a highly set standard. 

Teigh Yeast says, “He is a good encourager. He knows what I can do. He is going to challenge me.” However, Mr. Yeast also gives Teigh the exact same treatment straight back.

“She is just a super, super intelligent kid,” says Mr. Yeast. “And one of the things my wife always says when I complain about things about Teigh, she’ll say, ‘Well, that sounds just like you.’”

This father-daughter duo that is new to Clark County has many aspects that are valuable and precious like a ruby. Teigh and Terry not only share the same first and last initials but also some characteristics.

When asked how the two were similar, Mr. Yeast replied, “Well, I’m not sure either one of us have a filter. And so sometimes we just say what’s on our mind…She’s loud and sometimes she’ll try to act like she’s not, but she is and I am loud.”

Obviously, this makes their father-daughter bond all the better and provides a surplus of memories together. From traveling to sporting events, family time, father-daughter time, coaching time, and the experience of moving from one place they called home to our very own Winchester, Teigh and Terry stick together through thick and thin.

When asked to describe their relationship, both Teigh and Mr. Yeast revealed how lovingly goofy they can be with each other at times. “She’s mean to me and probably because she’s just spoiled but it’s kind of been cool, just this whole new transition, because it’s probably forced us to just get to spend a lot more time with each other which has been good as a dad,” Mr. Yeast explained.

But, Teigh did not agree with Mr. Yeast’s attempt to lovingly tease his daughter. “I’m not mean to him. He’s mean to me,” Teigh joked.

The Yeasts obviously are extremely fun and amazing people to be around for those who have not found that out by now. They show the world what it means to be funny, kind, and just a great person in general everyday. 

The Yeast household only produces excellence from top to bottom, and we will gladly accept all we can get and that seeps from the Yeast threshold and pours into GRC.


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Rileigh Reed, Multimedia Staff
On October 5th, 2006, the world was flipped upside down. For the better or for the worse (for the better obviously). Rileigh is a bubbly, kind, smart, loving perfectionist who values her friends and family the most in life and cherishes the small moments. She especially loves her mom, dad, and best friend, Ava Mardis, the most. Anytime she isn’t doing something at school, you can probably find her at volleyball, eating Mexican food, or driving with friends around town. She loves treating every event like a fashion show and staying up to date on all the latest Tik-Tok ‘it girl’ trends. This is just a sneak peek of the Rileigh Reed (if you want to know more, she’s probably at one of the local Mexican restaurants with Ava).

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