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Head to Head: Real vs Fake Tree

Fake for convenience, less hassle
Mallory Jones

A beautiful winter morning– where you just want to enjoy the holiday spirit in the air– is ruined by the hefty task of watering your real Christmas tree and the painful step into the pine needles it sheds.

Fake Christmas trees are absolutely the way to go this season. The diverse sizes, colors, heights, and pre-lit options make sure there is the perfect tree for each and every person out there.

Real Christmas trees are expensive, and you have to repurchase them every single year. It is completely unnecessary to waste that money when you could be spending it on something that is so much more important, presents.

The window for purchasing a real Christmas tree is small, only around the beginning of December. So just to clarify, you are spending over $100 every Christmas season, just to have your tree up for three weeks.

Real trees are bare and patchy and a hassle to maintain. There are holes and most times you can see the tree trunk straight through the tree, which is not a good look. You have to take extra time to water the tree and you will be finding pine needles until next June.

Enough about real Christmas trees, let’s talk about the real star of the Holiday season, artificial trees. There are no downsides to using a fake tree, you literally can’t go wrong.

The set up is simple, you stack the fluffy layers to create your desired height. You can choose between so many different options like flocked, prelit, an all white tree, or the classic evergreen.

This Christmas season, let us leave the stress and hassle of a real tree in the past. It is time to truly enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, free of flammable trees, pine needles, and annoying upkeep of a real Christmas tree.

Simply set up your fake tree, decorate it to your heart’s content, and indulge in the joy of the holiday season.


Real for true Christmas spirit
Gracie Cecil

You wake up Christmas morning and excitedly tiptoe down the stairs, you round the corner to see your elegantly wrapped presents under an underwhelming, patchy, inauthentic tree. Your Christmas joy is automatically stripped from you at the sight of the fake tree.

A real tree however not only fills you with the christmas spirit upon first glance but the smell of a real pine tree alone should be the reason you grace your home with a real tree this holiday season but in case you need a little more convincing let me give you a few more reasons why real trees are superior.

First, nothing screams Christmas time more than taking a family trip to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. From the moment you step out of the car to the moment the tree is standing in your living room you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with joy and the Christmas spirit. Getting a fake tree is just another chore to check of the list while getting a real tree creates unforgettable memories

Some may argue that buying a real tree every year is more expensive than buying one fake tree and using it for many years. I would argue that in most cases the price evens out, but in the few instances that it doesn’t I would ask how can you put a price on memories? The few extra dollars are far less important than the memories made.

Now fake Christmas trees are easier and simpler to set up but it definitely shows. Artificial trees are just that artificial, they are often patchy and just sad looking. And what’s the fun of a pre lit tree? Putting up Christmas lights and ornaments while watching home alone is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season, and artificial pre lit trees take the magic out of decorating a christmas tree.

Christmas time isn’t about being lazy, it’s about spending time with family and friends and finding a Christmas tree that reflects that. So invite the holiday spirit in your homes this season and get a real tree you won’t regret it!



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Mallory Jones
Mallory Jones, Multimedia Staff
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Gracie Cecil
Gracie Cecil, Multimedia Staff
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