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Head to Head: White vs Colored Lights

Colorful: Nostalgic, energetic

Christmas is a very nostalgic time. Memories of decorating the tree, playing in the snow, and driving around to see all of the colorful lights. Colorful, or “tacky” lights bring such a fun and exciting feel to Christmas.

While white lights can appear more classy, colorful lights give such a good energy. When it comes to decorating trees, using white lights requires you to utilize ornaments and other decorations to give the tree life.

When using colorful lights, just one strand can give the tree so much more animation — so much you might not even need to add any other decorations just because it is already so colorful.

Even if you wanted to add some decorations to a tree with colorful lights, it would only make the tree look that much better. Imagine driving around in a town with no colorful lights.

Instead of your Christmas memories being filled with fun, bright and colorful lights it will be filled with boring, lifeless and bland moments. Colorful lights can catch the eye of anyone driving by.

People get so creative when putting up lights; some create extravagant light shows that really instill the spirit of Christmas for all. Colorful lights complete the Christmas season, and overall experience.


White: Classy and traditional
McKinley Hacker

Walking into your house on a cold December evening and seeing beautiful white glowing lights on your tree made to look like it was sent from angels above is the most perfect sight to see during the Christmas season.

You wouldn’t want to walk into your house and see tacky colorful lights hanging on your delicate tree. Not only are white lights classy and traditional, they also just make it feel more like Christmas.

When I think about Christmas I think about red, green, and white. With white lights you can have a cohesive tree or you can decorate it more with colorful ornaments. Colorful ornaments and colorful lights on a tree is just too much.

White lights compliment any kind of decoration. They are just more calm and peaceful. Colorful lights can be jarring when you see them, white lights are cozy and warm.

In a time of stress, crazy colorful lights can be overwhelming. The winter season calls for white and bright lights, not a bunch of rainbow colors.




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McKinley Hacker
McKinley Hacker, Multimedia Staff
McKinley is your average 16-year-old teenage girl. She loves coffee more than most things in life, specifically an iced mocha from Daily Grind. McKinley loves listening to music and finding new artists and songs. Some of her favorite artists are Mac DeMarco, Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams, and of course, Taylor Swift. Her absolute favorite activity is marathons…movie marathons especially Harry Potter. She enjoys going to her youth group on Wednesdays and hanging out with her friends and family in her free time. Her favorite season is fall and she argues that it will forever be the best season. This year, McKinley hopes to meet new people and grow her skills in Smoke Signals.
Abby Crase
Abby Crase, Multimedia Staff
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