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NFL or College Football – which is better


The NFL is flat out better

Ben Cantrell

You wake up Sunday morning. You’ve had a long week with many tests, homework assignments, and sports practices. You turn on the TV and hear the words you’ve been waiting for all week. “7 hours of commercial free football,” echoes Scott Hansen, leader of NFL Redzone.

The NFL (National Football League) is just an improved version of college football. Every year, the NFL takes all of College’s best players, while the worse ones stick around. This means that all the best players are in the NFL. With better players comes more exciting plays and big moments.

College football suffers from one main problem: A massive skill gap. The best and 10th best NFL teams are much closer in skill compared to college. Even the worst NFL team can compete with the best for a week.

The phrase “Any given Sunday” reigns supreme in the NFL, meaning any team can beat anyone. College is prone to massive blowouts and uncompetitive games. The most recent College Championship had a final score of 65-7!

Not only does the NFL have more competitive games and better players, but they also play more games. College football teams will play only 12 games in a season. Only the best of the best will play up to 15. Meanwhile, NFL teams are guaranteed 17, with the chance to play 4 more in the playoffs.

Ultimately, good football is good football, and I will watch it anywhere I can find it. Whether it is 2 terrible college teams, or the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, I will watch if it is close. However, this good football usually comes from the NFL.


College football is by far the best

Ava Mardis

Saturday football is what people live for. The crisp mornings of gameday, packing up the family, and tailgating with delicious food and glorious colors of your chosen team. College football is arguably the best time of the year

The proximity of the college of your state adds that nostalgic, personal touch. Alumni, friends, classmates, legacies, employees of the school, and so much more.

Not only is it now meaningful, but it changes the passion that a fan has for the team. The fans of a college football team are devoted people with fiery, entertaining spunk.

College football began about 50 years before professional football did. We are talking 1869 vs 1920. This gap in years already gives college football an advantage, growing connections, making legacies, making records, making history.

The impact of a player at a young age playing the sport they love and hoping to continue on to a professional level one day is priceless. The atmosphere of college ball is inspirational. You watch these players grow and make a successful name for themselves. Tim Tebow is a great example and is still loved by all  in college football.

Cheerleaders add that extra wow factor to football entertainment. College football has cheerleaders for every respected team. The NFL does not have cheerleaders for all teams, they may have the iconic Dallas Cowboys, but 6 out of the 32 teams in the NFL do not have a cheer or dance team at all, leaving any entertainment outside of the game gray and drab.

Marching Bands hype up the crowd and keep the energy going throughout the whole halftime with a performance. College football is able to have some of the best muscians in the nation assist their team at their game days and support. Whereas the NFL may have some problems gathering a “pro” level band.  With that being said, there are only two official bands out of the entire NFL. Every college team has a band.

College football is better than NFL football. There is no doubt about it. It is crystal clear.

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    Mason KraemerDec 11, 2023 at 2:35 pm

    Ava knows what’s up