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Rowdy and proud: Student section leaders prepare for basketball

Photo by Smoke Signals
Lily, Liam and Reshaun (Carter was on the field)

Bleeding red, white, and black, the Get Rowdy Crew is always at the top of the pyramid when it comes to student sections. And this year, it’s no exception.

The torch has been passed on, from last year’s section leaders to the fantastic four which lead the flock this year. Seniors Lily Franklin, Liam Parido, Reshaun Hampton, and Carter Maynard are bringing the rowdiness.

The student section is known for its cheers and enthusiasm, but also for a legacy of leaders that understand the importance of school spirit. Attending games since freshman year, the new leaders have grown accustomed to seeing section leaders in action.

“When I was an underclassman, I looked up to the leaders, so I am going to try my best to be a good role model for the underclassmen,” says Carter Maynard. “We leaders plan to carry on this legacy.”

In attempts to carry on this legacy, the section leaders are planning to change up things a little. Making sure that everyone stays rowdy within the section, the Get Rowdy Crew is ensuring that every student brings the spirit.

“We’re planning on making it all a lot more fun with new chants and new themes,” says Reshaun Hampton. “We’re just trying to keep everyone involved.”

While games are a big part of the student section’s presence, the leaders are also ready to amp up the spirit at pep rallies. Being loud and rowdy are a huge part of the section, but showing love for the school comes above all.

“We want everyone to be involved more,” says Lily Franklin. “We want to get together and have our student body and community come together. Instead of just passing by these people at school, I want all of us to interact together.”

Establishing a bond and working together is truly what is going to set the Get Rowdy Crew apart from other student sections. Sure, anybody can create a cheer to yell at an opposing team, but if you can’t truly support your own team, then there is no point.

Yet, sometimes things can get a little too hectic in the section. Luckily, the new leaders are more than prepared to handle any situations that get out of hand.

“We don’t want to be associated with fighting or cussing for no reason,” says Lily. “At the end of the day, it’s just a football game and there’s no need to be disrespectful to anybody out of spite.”

However, age-old rivalries can still brew strong and true even while not being disrespectful. With certain games and teams on the schedule, the Get Rowdy Crew is especially excited to dominate the competition.

“A lot of people will cheer against Montgomery County,” says Liam. “Also, with Bourbon and Madison Central, but that’s a different kind of rivalry with them. There’s some football schools and there’s some basketball schools, and I’m looking forward to some of the more heated matches we can have with some of those teams.”

Through and through, the Get Rowdy Crew bleeds scarlet, white, and black.

Making this section one of the best that GRC has ever seen, the leaders are ready to get rowdy in GRC Arena.

“As always,” says Lily. “We are #ALLIN.”

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