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The dreaded technology plague

Vanessa Durphy

We as students spend most of our time stuck in front of a screen reading articles and websites for research. We invest all of our time with our eyes drilled to a tiny box we can hold in our hands. 

Students all over the world are slowly transitioning into a paperless world. This technology plague is affecting our younger generation that is clearly visible. 

Kids are becoming less engaged in school and becoming soul dependent on their phones and devices instead of being present and staying engaged. 

The internet is an incredible tool for student research and is an efficient way to get information and connect with people but it is also degrading our intellect and sense of staying present. 

As a student at GRC I can testify that when I was being taught on paper filling things out and taking notes I learned much better than filling out a Google document online. 

I understand that it can be more convenient and a paper saver to do everything online but in doing so there is consequences. 

Kids are becoming far more dependent on their technology and now everywhere you look there is a kid with their heads glued to a screen. 

Paper learning might be “old fashioned” and “outdated” but the ideas for the future of technology might at the same time be what is corrupting the present. 

Technology is a great privilege we have that other places don’t but while it is a privilege it can also be a curse. 

People are becoming too dependent on technology and filling their brains with fake news and lies spread around the media. Depression is becoming a rapidly increasing factor all over the world and the media is a big part of that. 

Technology experts and social media app owners say they are creating the future but in reality they are creating the very plague that is tainting our world and creating so many issues. 

Students and people in general all over the world are becoming way too dependent on social media and online sources. We as a nation need to reconnect to reality and get away from the alleged utopia of the online web and media platforms.

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Vanessa Durphy
Vanessa Durphy, Multimedia Staff
Hello I’m Vanessa Durphy, and I am a senior multimedia staff member of Smoke Signals. I would describe myself as a wild child. When I’m not at school or at work I am always at the gym. The gym is my home away from home. My friends would describe me as a bit slow sometimes but very bubbly and always happy. My top three favorite things in this world are music, flying a plane and my animals. Any song could come on and I’d be dancing. Any plane I see in the sky I’m taking a picture, I want to be a pilot more than anything. And oh my, if there is any animal in my view I will make them my best friend. I’m an open book and am always down for new experiences and meeting new people. So if you see me taking photos at a game or in the hallways, please don’t be shy and say "Hey."

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