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New football helmets honor Clark County history

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GRC’s new football helmets honor Clark County’s Oliver School.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “look good, play good.” Well the GRC football team has taken this phrase above and beyond, with the addition of terrific new football helmets. 

GRC has always had stellar uniforms and helmets. A clean mix of red, black, and white have constantly made the Cards outshine their opponent. This year is no different.

The football team has introduced new helmets that are somehow even better. Although this new equipment heightens the Cardinals appearance, these helmets also have a deeper meaning. 

The new helmets show respect to Oliver Street School, an old high school here in Winchester. Oliver Street School was established in 1792, the same year Kentucky became a state. The school provided education for African Americans in the county for over 150 years. This historic institute closed in 1956, but still stands today in Winchester.

The helmet brings over 100 years of community and families together to keep our county’s history alive. The logo on the side represents the previous football and basketball logo while the stripe down the middle is the pennant flag used by the baseball team. 

Superintendent Dustin Howard was the voice behind this change. He understands the significance of Oliver Street School and what it means today in this community.

“I think it’s important because it’s a big part of our history as a community,” says Howard. “We really felt like it was a great opportunity to highlight our past because if you don’t understand and appreciate your past then you can’t really appreciate where you’re going.”

The new helmets are a celebration of not just athletics, but of an entire community. 

“This came about when we were looking at the Hall of Fame game,” says Howard. “The Clark County Hall of Fame is not just for athletics but for celebrating everything,” 

Camahni John is a standout wide receiver and cornerback. John is a big part of this football team and a great leader in the locker room. He knows he has something to play for. 

“I feel like it’s made me play better,” says John. “It’s made me go a little harder and I feel like it brings everybody together.”

“The helmet symbolizes all of the players who came before us,” says quarterback Sam Clements. “Every time we put that helmet on, it’s our job to represent those colors and that tradition the best we can.”

The Cardinals know the meaning of the helmet and how it can push the team to the best of their abilities.

“The change impacts the team by allowing us to look back at those teams and see the success they had winning the Bluegrass championship multiple times and inspires us to strive for that excellence,” says Clements.

The Cardinals will travel to Montgomery County tonight to face their biggest rivals. GRC expects to finish strong for the season.

“Our expectation for the team is to represent the name on the front of the jersey,” says Coach Jordan Ray. “In today’s time it’s hard for kids to understand what it is to give everything, and I feel like we have a locker room full of guys who are willing to do all the work and could care less about who gets the notoriety and who gets the stats.”

Clements knows what this team can achieve and expects greatness every day from his team.

“My expectation for the team this year is to give our best for each other every day,” says Clements. “Don’t look back on our past success and future opponents; focus on getting better every day and the task at hand for that week.”

Clements believes this team can represent GRC and make the school proud.

“We can’t get satisfied over the short term gratification; we have to stay focused on sustaining the new culture of our team and program,” says Clements. “The culture that has been established by our coaching staff and team is that we’re all going to get in the ditch and dig together for the betterment of the team. We know it is expected that we put it all on the line every Friday night for each other, our school, and all of Clark County.”


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Ben Cantrell, Multimedia Staff
If you are reading this, you are in the presence of greatness. This is Ben Cantrell. He is a junior here at GRC, and his favorite things to do are play sports, watch sports, and talk about sports. Who could guess that his favorite thing about GRC are the sports. One thing about Ben is he can not be scared by people. The only person who scares him is a person holding a snake. Besides that, he is very lighthearted and a fun person to be around. Ben is excited about his future in this well-respected program and knows he can make an impact (probably something to do with sports.)

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    Linda OrmsbySep 22, 2023 at 4:42 pm

    A wonderfully written article explaining the success and inclusion of all past generations of teams and highlighting the commitment of the present team to honor those traditions. Good job, Ben!