Superintendent Howard’s super effective board has a productive year


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Superintendent Dustin Howard’s 2022-23 Advisory Board had an active and productive year.

An entourage of student leaders, marching through our community can only mean one thing: It’s the Superintendent Advisory Board.

For the past few months, Superintendent Dustin Howard has been giving insight to many students at GRC, taking them to many places in our community. From the industrial park to City Hall to BCTC to the Board of Education, this board has seen the ins and outs of the community.

With the school year wrapping up, many members of the board have reflected on how the group has impacted their view on our community. 

“I really enjoyed being able to learn more about my community and how it runs,” says junior Baylee King. “Being on the superintendent’s council has given me so many opportunities to meet amazing people and do amazing things.” 

Some of those amazing people included Mayor JoEllen Reed, who helped give us insightful information on how she plans to make our community more youth oriented. She also opened the forum for great conversation on what members of the board would like to see happen.

But meeting people in our community wasn’t the only special activity. Board members had an opportunity to do many things, from tasting new cafeteria menu items to getting an exclusive tour of the industrial park.

“The board was special because we got to have opportunities not everyone gets,” says sophomore Cady Johnson. “We also had the chance to make new friends inside the council.”

While meeting people such as the police chief and mayor was insightful, the people who have the power to make the most change were the people within the board. Board members had the opportunity to become friends and also exchange ideas on how to make the future of Clark County better.

“I got asked the question, ‘What will we do to ensure people will come back to Winchester?’” said Mayor JoEllen Reed on the board’s visit to City Hall. “The people of Winchester are what creates an environment that is welcoming and will make people want to come back.” 

Whether it is from creating this welcoming environment or letting concerns be known, the student board is willing to exceed expectations and be leaders inside and outside of GRC. But stating a concern isn’t always easy. 

Where some students may feel like their voice gets silenced under the opinions of adults, this board truly showed its members that the voices of our generation are some of the most important.

“I enjoyed the thought of a group of students who were allowed to audibly voice the concerns they may have,” says freshman Steven Yang. “As well as the thought of us discussing topics regarding the city, such as the development of new entertainment areas such as a bowling alley.”

As the board progresses into the new year, there is one driving force behind their efforts: a willingness for change. As Superintendent Howard changes the school district, his board is what helps him see the heart of action behind the future generations.