Tennis doubles teams advance in region

Two GRC tennis doubles teams have advanced in the region tournament.

Cassi Lowe and Madelyn Settles won both their quarter-final match and semi-final match to advance to the finals Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Tennyson Prater and Clay Turley won their quarter-final match to advance to the semi-final match Wednesday at 4 p.m. Finals to follow tomorrow at 8 p.m.

Barbara Sheehan, Sydney Ely, Anna Rogers, and Lauren Anderson all lost in close matches in the quarter-finals.

Region play continues Wednesday at GRC.

Marissa Gilchrist’s 10th Region tennis photo gallery.

Tennyson Prater, Clay Turley, Madelyn Settles and Cassie Lowe advanced in the tennis region and will play Wednesday at GRC. (Photo by Marissa Gilchrist)