Legacy Grove concert series begins tonight


Photo by Heiraelle Osborne

People of all ages enjoy the Legacy Grove concert series.

You stand in the sun with the wind on your face. Music plays, children laugh, and the smell of cheeseburgers and pizza bites enters your nose. You start clapping along to the music and you couldn’t be happier.

Winchester’s very own Legacy Grove will hold their second annual concert series beginning Tuesday, May 9, and will continue once a month until October. They will open with MoJo Thunder and end with Anna Kline.

The event includes food trucks, vendors, and free live music. The playground and dog parks will also be open. Organizers hope to provide an enjoyable event families can look forward to throughout the summer and fall. 

“We just wanted to bring the community together in a positive way,” park representative Deborah Jackson said. “Bring your family, it’s a kid-friendly and adult-friendly event.”

The non-profit park tries its best to ensure the park is open to people of all abilities. Jackson said they wanted something everyone could be involved in. 

“One of the best things about Legacy Grove is there is something for everyone, and everyone is welcome,” Jackson said. “The park was built and designed to encourage children of all abilities.”

Damon Durrum, a loyal volunteer of Legacy, agrees. “Seeing people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities able to come and enjoy the music and festivities makes me proud of our park,” he said. “I believe it’s the ultimate endeavor of Legacy Nights and Legacy Grove to be a place everyone can feel welcome.”

Legacy’s group of volunteers is ever-growing. Angela Taulbee, a volunteer photographer for the park, said she enjoys the environment. 

“I’m a retiree, so this gave me something to do,” she said. “It’s actually very therapeutic for me. It brings me joy and I hope I can return that joy to others by capturing their moments at Legacy Grove Park Concert Nights.”

Taulbee said she hopes to see more people volunteer. “It doesn’t need to be every event,” she said, “but even once helps, and you get so much more out of it in return.”

The volunteers include some young people as well. Heidi Castle, a freshman at GRC is a prime example.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the community to get together and focus on one thing we can all love and enjoy,” Castle said. 

The park hopes to bring a variety of genres for all music lovers to appreciate. They also try to encourage younger musicians to showcase their talent. 

“We had over 100 bands sign up this year, and we had to narrow it down to six,” Jackson said. “We have a fantastic lineup this year; I’m very excited.”

Brett and Donnie, a two-man band, played for last year’s September concert. They claim it was a nice experience. 

“We’re thankful for each and every opportunity to share out music with our folks as well as new ones along the way,” Brett said. “The series will only grow, and we are excited to watch it all happen.”

Everyone can’t wait to gather around for another fun summer filled with awesome music by Mojo Thunder, Laid Back Country Picker, NVRMND, Ox-Eyed Daisies, Driftwood Gypsy, and The Allman Butter Band. 

“Winchester has the nickname Win-City,” Taulbee explained. “Legacy Grove Park is a big WIN for our city!” 

Fun at the Legacy Grove Concert Series in 2022. (Photo by Heiraelle Osborne)
Fun at the Legacy Grove Concert Series in 2022. (Photo by Heiraelle Osborne)
Fun at the Legacy Grove Concert Series in 2022. (Photo by Heiraelle Osborne)
Fun at the Legacy Grove Concert Series in 2022. (Photo by Heiraelle Osborne)
Fun at the Legacy Grove Concert Series in 2022. (Photo by Heiraelle Osborne)