GRC Esports completes season, prepares for fall


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GRC’s eSports team just completed its season.

GRC Esports just wrapped up their spring season, and are ready to begin the hard work for the upcoming year. The Esports team experienced a lot of success in their first year of competing in the Kentucky Esports league.

This didn’t come without its challenges, however. With this being GRC’s first time having an Esports team, there was a lot of figuring out to do for the players and coach. Many of the players had to play from home, and this presented some problems.

 “We experienced challenges we did not anticipate but have grown because of it,” said Coach Kevin Andrews. “The teams have learned that there really is no I in team. It takes every player to be 100% committed every practice and every game to have a successful team.”

Even though they faced adversity, the Cards pushed through the hardships and take pride in their debut year.

The team is led by Nox Stewart, who runs a tight ship. As the captain of the team, Nox helps each member play their role to the best of their ability, and keeps everyone working as a team and lifts their spirits when they need it.

“I was just a regular player in the fall, but in the spring I was made the captain,” Stewart says. “My goal for next season is to keep the team working hard and have us make it to the playoffs again. I also just want to have fun.”

GRC’s strong lineup includes players who are the foundation to the team’s success, playing a vital role in making the team as strong and competitive as it is. These include Christian Smith, Gabe Hatton, Ryan Lancaster, Devin Estes, Laken Snowden, and Cameron Smith.

The team has put in hours of practice after school, gaining a deeper understanding of the various games they play and what strategies work best for them. All this practice is preparing them to play the highest level of competition and face any challenge put in front of them. 

Coach Andrews also says when fall comes, the players will be allowed to play at school and will be expanding their gaming catalog with games that incorporate the Nintendo Switch. “I believe the team will be much better next year,” he said, “and I see us making it very far.”