Cinderella’s Closet: Changing students lives one dress at a time


Photo by Addison Baber

Cinderella’s Closet has dozens of dresses available to students who need them for prom.

Your senior prom is a night you will remember for the rest of your life. From taking pictures, dinner with friends, dancing the night away, and most important, wearing the dress of your dreams and feeling like a true princess. 

Administrative secretary Christi Jones is helping many students achieve the perfect prom night. She is the leader of a very special GRC organization called Cinderella’s Closet. 

Cinderella’s Closet has been helping students at GRC since 2010. Cinderella’s Closet was founded by former Smoke Signals staff members Sarah Burkhardt and Carrington Carpenter.

The purpose of Cinderella’s Closet is to help young ladies at GRC find a dress to wear to their senior prom or any GRC dance when funds are tight. The closet also has some tuxedos available for students. 

“The closet is here to help young ladies find a prom dress they feel beautiful and confident in,” Mrs. Jones said.

The closet is located behind the flex room in the maintenance room, but Mrs. Jones and her team are working on finding a new location for next year. 

Students can be involved with helping Mrs. Jones for Cinderella’s Closet at any time. Students can volunteer to help get dresses, set up times and days where they help Mrs. Jones pick out dresses for the ladies, and help clean the room. 

Students and anyone in the community can donate dresses and tuxedos to Mrs. Jones at any time. If you have any donations you want to make, please contact Mrs. Jones

If you are interested in looking at the dresses for prom, see Mrs. Jones in the admin office before or after school and also during Flight Time with your teacher’s permission. 

Students do not miss this very special opportunity to find your dream prom dress and make your prom night a true fairytale.